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Scary Games at 3 AM

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I’m assuming this is your first horror game. Not bad at all.

I wish this game was longer, but it was already great as it is.

Finding all the tapes was really satisfying.

I like the ending where you beat the s**t out of him... with poop.

A year after its release, I finally decided to give it a try. It was fantastic for a short demo. I’ve played a lot of games from, and most of them make Unity seem like a weak game engine. But games like Deppart demonstrate that Unity has serious potential.

I remember Markiplier playing this game a while ago. It's an interesting and simple concept.

I have to say, this is one bizarre game, LOL.

This episode was really interesting. It reminded me of another indie horror game called "Do You Copy?", but it has a distinct and unique style all its own.

Oh wow, I just got an amulet from who knows where. I think I'm going to wear it around my neck for a while.

Revisiting this game in 2024, I finally realized that the old man is a victim of the boy's mother.

Short but kinda cool.

Very original idea. I would love to play a full-length game like this.

This game has an interesting concept; it could become something great with more work. I had a hard time in the final room, but it's nothing that some tweaks can't solve. Very nice for a game made in just 24 hours.

Oh, okay, I finally found the yellow and white ones. Thanks!
Maybe you could make them glow like you did with the red one.

Hello. Sorry, but I'm unable to finish the final area. I got the red key, but the yellow trash simply doesn’t spawn.
I can see the yellow trash can glowing, but there’s no yellow glowing trash. I found some yellow pieces, but they’re not glowing and can’t be picked up. Maybe it’s a bug?

It's clearly a great home automation system, which is why no one has ever come back asking for a refund.

I've played several games from this developer, and this one is by far the most enjoyable. The "1995" filter fits perfectly with the atmosphere and adds a nice bloom effect to the sky.

That was creepy. I’m convinced that anything can be turned into a horror game.

I really liked the atmosphere inside the house.

Sequel done right.

It took me about 20 tries to get a perfect score, but I finally beat both game modes and unlocked the secret ending.

The environment was already terrifying on its own, and then the jump scares hit—LOL.

I was really impressed by this one. The level of detail in both the neighborhood and inside the house is incredible, and it's much more optimized than the previous episodes. It was a really fun experience!
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I had never heard of this game before and had never seen any gameplay. It just popped up while I was browsing for something to play on, and I have to say, wow! I love the slow pace at the beginning and how it gradually becomes scarier. The sound design is phenomenal, adding to the tension without relying on cheap jump scares. Great job, developer!
It took me two playthroughs to uncover all the secrets. The telephone one was the trickiest to find.

Still a blast in 2024!

It was a blast! I really hope the full game gets released someday.

This was really good. For me, it’s a perfect example of a short horror game that doesn’t need constant cheap jumpscares to be genuinely scary. I’m definitely going to check out your other game and the suggestions on your page. ;-)
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Maybe some things should stay lost—especially the ones that are pure nightmare fuel.

What the dog doin?

I think I have trypophobia now.
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Very similar to Junkyard Fury, but this car is way smarter. It seems to "notice" when you're trying to dodge and goes out of its way to hit you. Really fun!

I first played this game years ago and recently decided to revisit it for my new indie horror game channel. It's truly a masterpiece! And I just have to add: "Damn, Daniel! AR AR AR AR AR AR AR!"—still cracks me up!

I can't wait for the prequel, "Before Midnight."

When I first read about this game, I anticipated a mere recreation using a popular engine with graphics inspired by old Macintosh computers. However, discovering that it is an actual Macintosh app bundled with an emulator truly exceeded my expectations. This level of authenticity is genuinely impressive.
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I’ve got just one thing to say: Groovy!

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I remember playing FeedVid Live a few years ago. I didn’t know there was a prequel until yesterday. I like FeedVid Live more, but this one is still pretty good.

Now I want to play the entire franchise—LOL.

It took me a few years, but I finally played this hidden analogue horror gem.

I like the concept and definitely didn’t expect a boss battle.

An entity tries to kill you when all you want is to buy some food. Happens to me all the time.