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Yes, I played it as a gamemaster in September. Three players, oneshot (3 hours), one character has received a promotion. 

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I offered "A Band of Bards" as a game master for the first time today. We all liked the idea and the setting. However, we noticed a few things. Due to the "FAME" value, the "FAME downsides" accumulated so quickly in the later course that a large number of "problems" were created inflationary. I think it makes sense to increase the value of the "FAME downsides" to be achieved so that "problems" arise less and you can devote more time to them.

I've created a cover art for you, hope you like it! :-)

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I like it very much!

But I have one Question: "Whenever you take more stress than you can endure, you lower your lowest COP". In the character creation the lowest COP is 0. This means retirement after six stresses, already. Is this correct?

Thank you! I played the game for the first time yesterday. We had five players and in the end we had big problems with the Bad Time Mod in the Endgame. I think it makes sense to go down to 2 tests for "Getting Shit Done" in large playgroups 4+. What do you think?

Arrr. Thank you! I'll test this game soon!