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Thank you for your comment! I'm very happy that the exploration/experimentation aspect of the game came across:)

Yes, it could be that the amount of the black dice slowed your laptop down. This is something I'm aware of, as they are very unoptimized at the moment and hope to fix it in the future.

Very cool! I'm looking forward to play your quirky game!

Congratulations on the release! Very cool game:)

Thank you for playing:)

Tank you for playing and making a video! Im glad you had fun!

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Hello everyone!

I started "Project Ceres" about half a year ago. I mainly work on it in my free time. But still I think that the mainframe of the game is finished. With mainframe I mean the character movement, camera, general look, loading saving etc. Here are some screenshots:

Here you can see the main character standing on a platform. It's the first level that you also can play in my demo (link below)

This will be the main hub. It's an old train station that connects all levels. Im not quite happy with the lighting and it's still a bit empty. In the background you can see a small screen. From there you can select all your completed levels (or stations in this case) and also continue your game. There will be more characters to talk to the further you are in the game.

And here you can see the main character interacting with an NPC. If you are near an NPC they will start talking automatically. To continue you can press the mouse button. Or if you don't feel like talking you just can walk away, they will also stop talking. (The talking mechanic took longer than expected but it's now on a level that i'm quiet happy with it.)

This is my first Devlog, so I hope my game looks promising for you. So if your interested in it have a look on my project site and download the demo. And i'd also be happy to get some feedback.

Have a nice day!

Thank you for the feedback! I will keep that in mind.