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Adorable :-)

I'm so happy right now.

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Just played this game as one of my first solo TTRPGs (and one of my TTRPGs in general) and had a blast.

The PDF is super pretty and the writing just the sort of thing I really love (monsterrsss as communityyyy yesssssss). The rulebook has a few typos and unclear rules that would benefit from an edit; for instance, I'm not sure whether diagonal cards are considered adjacent, whether I'm supposed to apply the effects of a card every time I cross it or only the first time I turn it over, take a Control when a card tells me to "Immediately move", etc.
I also didn't know whether or not I was supposed to fulfill both of my Goal cards to end the game, *and*... as I was heading back to my Goal knowing I now met its conditions, it just so happened that I accidentally encountered another Ace card on the way... and met its conditions, too. I enjoyed it as well, so I decided that my character had happened onto an unexpected chance for a happy ending different from the one they'd envisioned, and found themself surprisingly happy with it and decided to take it. It was especially adorable since it was the Ace of Hearts, too, big "the journey was the friends you made all along" vibes.

I also quickly ended up switching to using a bunch of tokens (go stones, in this case) instead of tracking my stats on paper, especially Control and HP 😂

So in conclusion, the game totally works even when guessterpreting/making my own decisions on the rules I was unclear on, and I had an absolutely lovely time :) Will probably replay it, maybe trying to journal or draw my territory as I go! I can already think of some variants to try out for myself, very excited to see updates if you're still working on it.

Thanks for the good feels from this local monster-identifying neurodivergent queer!

Aaah, this is so sweet and gave me a blast of love for all these NPCs immediately. How cute!


horrifying. accurate experience. merci et pourquoi

This is adorable!!!