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had great fun making so much noise. a star. really love the art style/aesthetic!!

Cute! made me laugh and smile for sure.

Hell yeah tysm!

Got this in the Solo But Not Alone bundle and as a huge fan of Majora's Mask I really wanna play it 👀 though I like having my rules in physical, easily-to-leaf-through format, and the colours of PDF aren't exactly gonna be easy on my printer. Any chance you could add in a print-friendly version? 💗

Oooohh that ending hit hard!! Oh nooo!!!
Really enjoyed both entries and definitely hope to see more of this, the atmosphere is so memorable and wonderful and the writing so efficient with the casual horror stuff. Love the lil creature in the hole.
Gameplay-wise, I did get confused and a bit stuck a few times, but never very long; I got frustrated by things like needing to chop the log before I can use it, but everything still made sense and the game always gave me enough hints to figure it out without too much fuss.

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Seconding all this but especially 4. -- I often buy charity bundles and own over a thousand items. Going through the multi-step process of adding all of these to collections manually and individually is not imaginable.
The filters we do get on the general "Browse" page are great, and even just the ones we get in the app for a given collection -- I have made a collection for stuff I want to check out later, and in there I can for instance filter video games from TTRPGs. I just want to glance through what video games I **already own but don't even know of** because of the sheer size of the amazing bundles that amazing creators offer on! Or even searching keywords, like when I'm in the mood for something about a specific letter of the LGBTQ acronym within a general queer-themed bundle, or am looking for a specific item I don't remember the exact title of but know is in one of my gigantic collections!

Can we please just get the same filters in our "My purchases/Games you own" page and in bundles?
And/or a setting filter for "Items I own" in the "Browse" page?

This is such a sweet and cute project, and the result is amazing! Everyone did a fantastic job and the contrast from page to page is so cool and fun to see. Big fan of the action scenes, the humorous chibis (especially smol mascot-plush-like Conan struggling on pg 103), the pretty Rans, and all the loving renderings of embarrassing babygirl Kogorou, love of my life, unbearable.
Congrats everyone!

In the very first games, NPCs tell you that "a Pokémon that you lovingly trained will always be stronger than a Pokémon of the same species that you just caught at the same level", and that struck me so much as a child. And it was true!!
Years later I found out about EVs... both validating and a bit sad to see that lovely sentiment broken down into numbers...


Did that really happen or is that what your uncle who works at Nintendo told you!

forgive me, i'm extremely sorry but i Must allow the itching urge to do an Actually and correct -- no, no, you don't get Surf on the ship, you get Cut which you need to progress the game, and then the ship leaves, and you only get Surf much later. BUT! if you traded from a friend a pokémon that knew Cut! you could just keep going without ever letting the ship go! and come back when you could use Surf! And in the version of the rumour I knew, you needed Strength to push the truck.
and i actually did all that as a kid, and it didn't do anything :( you can't even interact with the truck.
and I still told myself that I must have messed up something, and there really was a Mew under there, I just couldn't get it.

I did meet Missingno. tho, but iirc I couldn't catch it.

Anyway, deep apologies for the fact-nitpicking, and thank you so much for provoking it, for sharing and reawakening these thoughs and feelings and knowledge I never think about :') What a sweet, yearning nostalgic moment. I miss the gaming magazines you would write to to ask for help when stuck with a level...

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Played this solo with my "Home" being A Girl, and my Wisened character as her very possessive and protective childhood bff, with the intention to make it a save-the-girl-get-the-girl story... I ended up with a bittersweet but very optimistic coming-of-age story, as my character eventually came to terms with breaking the unhealthy codependence and entered a relationship with a different girl... Yuri wrongs and yet yuri rights in the end!

Dearly enjoyed it, the writing is very pretty and the prompts deliciously brutal and the gameplay is so tense! Even solo, it took me 4 loops to make it, with each loop very brutal!

Yelled at the title, flapped hands at the description, immediately sat down and played it even though I haven't done that in months. My character is very distraught at how the fuck she's supposed to restore a dried-up lake system so the jellies have an underwater city to go back home to, but she'll try her best, and I had a wonderful time.

Oh, damn.

This reminds me of a manga I adore by one of my favourite mangaka: Himitsu / (The) Top Secret, by Shimizu Reiko; the premise being that the protags are cops using exactly this technology to do exactly as described. If you want more ideas and explorations of ways it could be used and exacerbate the anxiety.

Despite knowing and loving that manga for over a decade, I'd never thought of a game application, so it makes me so happy to see this concept again from a completely different source and medium. Not sure I'll ever truly play this, although the safety tips and framing system seem very helpful and might make it secure enough for me... but at any rate, I loved reading it, love the concept, the writing and the formatting, love your work.

Adorable :-)

I'm so happy right now.

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Just played this game as one of my first solo TTRPGs (and one of my TTRPGs in general) and had a blast.

The PDF is super pretty and the writing just the sort of thing I really love (monsterrsss as communityyyy yesssssss). The rulebook has a few typos and unclear rules that would benefit from an edit; for instance, I'm not sure whether diagonal cards are considered adjacent, whether I'm supposed to apply the effects of a card every time I cross it or only the first time I turn it over, take a Control when a card tells me to "Immediately move", etc.
I also didn't know whether or not I was supposed to fulfill both of my Goal cards to end the game, *and*... as I was heading back to my Goal knowing I now met its conditions, it just so happened that I accidentally encountered another Ace card on the way... and met its conditions, too. I enjoyed it as well, so I decided that my character had happened onto an unexpected chance for a happy ending different from the one they'd envisioned, and found themself surprisingly happy with it and decided to take it. It was especially adorable since it was the Ace of Hearts, too, big "the journey was the friends you made all along" vibes.

I also quickly ended up switching to using a bunch of tokens (go stones, in this case) instead of tracking my stats on paper, especially Control and HP 😂

So in conclusion, the game totally works even when guessterpreting/making my own decisions on the rules I was unclear on, and I had an absolutely lovely time :) Will probably replay it, maybe trying to journal or draw my territory as I go! I can already think of some variants to try out for myself, very excited to see updates if you're still working on it.

Thanks for the good feels from this local monster-identifying neurodivergent queer!

Aaah, this is so sweet and gave me a blast of love for all these NPCs immediately. How cute!


horrifying. accurate experience. merci et pourquoi

This is adorable!!!