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This little game is a gem, good job!

P.S.: Menu song is from One Piece, am I right? Great choice ahaha

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Beautiful as always, there is something really special about your titles. I don't think I've ever put a game on my wishlist, but this time I did it.

Thanks for this prologue, can't wait to play it.

See you in Propaganda ;)

Your comment represents SIT DOWN, PLEASE at 100%. Thank you very much for playing it.

See you soon :).

WOW. Thank you so much for your words, I'm so happy to read them :). Oh, i know well what are you talking about and i'm glad that you reached that part. Shit, maybe i should've made the final part easier, it's a shame you weren't able to beat the game. There is an ending you would have liked, i guess :). Thank you again. See you soon ;).

Maybe: "a narrative creepy/horror game with an aracde gameplay" is a more appropriate description. Sorry :/

Thanks a lot, I'm glad to hear it.

Hey, yes it is. The game is complete.

Hi guys I'm an indie game developer and this is my first game. My dream finally came true and now I only have to let you play it. Here's the game page: SIT DOWN, PLEASE

About The Game:

SIT DOWN, PLEASE aims to create a dark setting and a creepy/horror atmosphere while telling its story.

It's a story driven game where a scientist, in order to achieve a goal for the sake of his kingdom, subjects the people of the recently defeated enemy faction to atrocious experiments.

The more the agony will be prolonged, the faster the goal will be reached. 

Your main purpose is: with purely arcade gameplay you'll have to keep the guinea pigs alive as long as possible using the scientist's machinery.

In this way the coveted objective will be reached more quickly and you'll fully know the story of each guinea pig and, at the end of all this, you'll be able to put all the pieces together to understand the origins and the story of this world.

Will you be able to reach the end of this path?


I really love the style of your games. This was very fun, congrats :)

I love the graphics. Funny game :)

Intresting game, i love how everything is "paintable"

I giochi che nascono per una jam sono sempre quelli che mi danno più ispirazione: dritti al punto e, se ben fatti, davvero coinvolgenti. Comunque si, sono riuscito nell'intento ed è stata una bella sfida, ne è valsa la pena :)

Tra l'altro, guardando la mappa che ha condiviso un utente nei commenti, ho scoperto, forse, un piccolo segretuccio in quanto non presente sulla sua mappa, (che è comunque molto ben fatta). Sto parlando della Secret Room, se ti rechi lì senza la Lockers Key la potrai trovare dietro il muro, è stato soddisfacente scoprire che qualcosa, anche se piccola, poteva accadere in quella stanza.

Wow, davvero un bel gioco... davvero una grande idea.

Voglio assolutamente arrivare alla fine senza sbagliare nessuna chiave, scommetto ci sarà un finale diverso.

Complimenti davvero, mi è piaciuto molto.

Nei suoi limiti un gioco originale.

L'ho apprezzato particolarmente :)

So unique. Love your games

Hi, did you get an error? Sorry, but I think I didn't understand the problem. Does the archive have to be a .zip?

Thanks for your feedback by the way :)

Oh wow, great time 😄. I'm very glad you like it.

Thank you :)

Thanks for your video and your feedback :)

Try SIT DOWN, PLEASE and let me know what do you thin about it and chek my little kickstarter campaign too :)