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Enjoyed the story. I do find it funny that he says to her ex wife and then correct if afterwards. that was a neat detail

i tested it on an gameboy emulator it runs pretty well, in my head a made out the story he would stook in an arcade machine. love the electric Transition to other platforms

really love the presence of the game an underwater office. its fun to play. But i have to say this is one of the worst bosses you can have, leaving a cursed amulett in your desk. you should get a promotion after this as protagonist. ^^

also a good stressful game, i couldnt notice if the yellow an/or blue reactor change any of the circle speed. But overall a good reaction game. Really enjoyed the game over screen more then the actual ending .^^

good stressfull, game love the transsision between space station and the asteroid scene

Missed the pepsi man song, but a nice homegage to the game. Also the door crash sound made it for me.

great work on the enemy AI. Also the random generated maps worked so you could always mine and kill the monster. really small fun game

Love the small engineer doll, good idea for a puzzler. this feels like an indie game idea. The canon switcher (to control the canon) didnt worked for me. But overall it was fun

The art style on this is great. Good work!

Works well so far, the sound is odd it only plays sometimes if you go up with the elevator. The game works with bgb and the visual boy advanced had some color with the visual boy advanced. If you do updates on it i will look up on it. Keep up the great work!

Nice thank you!

A true Goblin friendly Game! Great idea and concept for a puzzle game!

Love the style of the game!

Scary game also is there a real ending. Can I escape?

Nice, spooky face by the way :O

Wish he had all the asnwers. :( Great little game

Great Textadventure. Wish there would be some kind of direct restart to get back to page one. Love also the idea of getting back a page

Feels good to smash some skulls. Great pico game so far. Keep it up

Nice little puzzle game, great idea with the limited moves. Wish you could do more forms to make points. 

I like the game and the menus. Its seems impossible to win but I have slash down the boss. Fantastic work

Really like the concept of it. With more individual Backrounds (new stages) and with more music would it be a great hangout game. Its just the microsoft fly simulator in small. Keep it up!

INSANE UBER community · Created a new topic Funky Game

Great little game, my only wish you have some weird speed button that you go super fast.

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Just wanted to create a place to hang out! Show of some progress you made or some ideas. Whatever you want