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A member registered Jun 08, 2020

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considering im bad with words ill keep it short i like it a lot good work <3

cute and looks nice can say this as a more fleshed out game could be really cool =w=

this is really nice loving it so far but looking forward to what else you can do <3

liking the style a lot and what ive seen so far looking forward to all the ideas you still have =w=

aight so played 0.023 think i got everything and uff XD cant wait for what else is to come it was both pretty nice so far and the dialogue was very funny most the time so from me it gets a thumps up <3

is this game dead?

pretty cute looking forward to what you might add ;3

can say this is honestly really well made loving it cant wait to see more X3

got it and no worries didn think youd put that stuff in

oh boy aight ill stay on the save side but thanks still <3

question cause im curious where can i find the original would love to give both a try :3

also quick question wich i noticed (i think) if you succed in a talk be it strengh wisdom etc can that perk get a plus 1 after a certain ammount of succesfull turns?

okay ive played a bit now i like the idea i got the rogue and think i understand most so far so ill be keeping an eye on this this might end up being really damn grate <3

is this game being updated anywhere still or is it dead?

dunno what i do wrong went after a install guide on youtube it works then i try it game crashes and wont open up again any ideas?

i really hope this game gets bigger i luv it <3

think it bugged tried around a bit also reloading the page then it worked still thanks tho <3

all in all liking it but a bit confused how to unlock all