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question cause im curious where can i find the original would love to give both a try :3

The original unfortunately is very difficult to get too. It still exists on but the site has long become borderline unusable without paying for a membership. Add on top of that the site having since become a haven for an extremely large amount of pedophilic and zoophilic content on top of other things I abandoned the site and the original for a reason, lol.

Unfortunately I really do not feel comfortable linking to a site with such content so prevalent on it but if you REALLY want too see it my account should still be up there so if you go to the interactive section and search my username or Changing Perspective it should pop up. 

oh boy aight ill stay on the save side but thanks still <3

Just to clarify there's none of that stuff in >MY< old story, lol

just that the site is full of that kind of stuff now and honestly I don't feel comfortable encouraging or supporting it or directing traffic there anymore, haha.

got it and no worries didn think youd put that stuff in