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An essential part of my NTT coop sessions. Thanks for all your hard work!

Absolutely hilarious. I love the new description for mutations, especially 'Directed by Michael Bay'! Melting's ultrax10 makes this mod so ridiculous, I almost fell out of my chair laughing. I had hammerhead, gamma guts, and extra feet at that stage - I'm sure you can imagine what was happening. :)

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Visually satisfying - makes Eyes feel like an ESP. I like to fire super flak cannon, wait until the first shot splits, then use Projectile Style to have the remaining flaks circle around me for maximum destruction. +Shotgun shoulders for added mayhem.

Only demerit is that it makes me cocky and reckless, thus resulting in faster death. But hey, the important thing is that I go out looking good.

Love this character! The ultra is especially hilarious - I like to think I'm a particular blond-haired ninja boy when I pick 'that' ultra mutation and go nuts.

For anyone struggling to download:

  1. Disable Ad-Blocker app, if you have any
  2. Click 'Download'
  3. Window should pop up that says "Thanks for downloading", along with option to follow BioOnPC (author) and check out other games
  4. If you are viewing this on Google Chrome, look at your address bar. The far right side of it, next to the 'star icon' that lets you bookmark, should be an icon that says 'pop-ups are blocked on this page'. Click that and you'll see links going to, a download site.
  5. If you are viewing this on Firefox, look below your bookmark bar: there should be a notice that says 'Firefox prevented this site from opening pop-up'. Hit options on the far right of that notice and it'll give you an option to show link to, a download site.

Simple and effective! This really changes the way my buddy and I play this game - we're much less afraid of Mom's seemingly enormous HP pool.

Thank you for creating this character! My friend always gets nervous when I pick MDog since I spam missiles in his direction. PS: we don't even use boiling veins.

The ultras were hilarious! By the way - what was your reasoning for not including the spin-bullethell attack that Big Dog does?

Hi Blaac, just wanted to say  I really love how you handled this mod. It makes NT feel like a whole new game and adds even more challenge to an already challenging game. I still haven't gotten past Titank yet, but I can't wait to see what things lie in store in this adventure.

9joao6, thank you for creating such interesting mods. Any chance you have a tutorial lying around somewhere for creating spells?  I tried following the screenshots but was unsuccessful in compiling anything other than bullets that kill myself.

I had an issue where NTT wasn't recognizing my xbox 360 controller. Also, the Controls option in settings was greyed out. Here's how I fixed it: I uninstalled Nuclear Throne, then ran NTT-Assemble.exe again and suddenly it started working.

Very interesting mod! Completely changes the way the game is played. I'm enjoying the ability to upgrade my sword, HP, level and am excited to see what mutations I can select to push Knight further. I still haven't figured out why Knight still collects ammo or why there's an option to buy an ammo box however. Perhaps its for co-op purposes? I've yet to try it in co-op with my buddies, but so far so good! Thanks for making this.