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Love this character! The ultra is especially hilarious - I like to think I'm a particular blond-haired ninja boy when I pick 'that' ultra mutation and go nuts.

For anyone struggling to download:

  1. Disable Ad-Blocker app, if you have any
  2. Click 'Download'
  3. Window should pop up that says "Thanks for downloading", along with option to follow BioOnPC (author) and check out other games
  4. If you are viewing this on Google Chrome, look at your address bar. The far right side of it, next to the 'star icon' that lets you bookmark, should be an icon that says 'pop-ups are blocked on this page'. Click that and you'll see links going to, a download site.
  5. If you are viewing this on Firefox, look below your bookmark bar: there should be a notice that says 'Firefox prevented this site from opening pop-up'. Hit options on the far right of that notice and it'll give you an option to show link to, a download site.