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Hello! My name is Sasha!  Not native speaker so forgive my grammar.... please? Oh, I'm also from Argentina so... we might have some timezone differences.

My skills, what I'm looking : 

I'm a pixelart/2d artist looking for a team to have fun during this jam!  Especially if you are a programmer

Pieces of work I did for videogames belove!

Game concept: 

HUNDRIEDS! From stories that could last sagas to casual games. But this are the genres that I enjoy the most:

- Graphic adventure

- Puzzle games

- Platformers

- Litterary enything that allows me to draw/desing a lot (so... almost anygame?)

Lets talk!

Reply belove if you are intested! Tell me your skills, what are your concept ideas show and tell, I'd love to see your work! 

If we eventually form a team I would like to talk in discord buuuuuuuut I'm opend to more options.


Pixel art gems, Bitsy sprites!

Faces and sprites for an GA that I couldn't finish because of corrupted files...

Platform game!

My Games:


PALOMA (In progress)

Wow... just, amazing!  From the art style to the whole concept. Congrats!

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Oh, Thanks! I know... me neither haha. But now that I know them I'm ready to use hacks for the next bitsy jam!

Although I only know the one that lets you add images... I couldn't figure out how to use the one that allows you to have music... Oh well... hahaha

Really good! Congrats

Wow, this is amazing, good work!


Oh I loved it, such nice art and text. The idea is also great. Congrats!

Gracias! Si todo sale bien dentro de poco voy a subir uno nuevo! Me alegra que te haya gustado

Yes! I love that you felt that way. It was more or less the idea. The place is rather empty buand the characters steal the show! Thank you for playing!




No, seriously I died... beautiful game!

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*stares at all the art things im not as well doing* Hahaha

Yes, having a supportive mom is the best. Sometimes she is oversupportive and encurages me to do crazy things... And yes I get that feeling of dont want our mothers see some stuff, I'm bi and out but I still feel embarased when she sees my "gay"  art hahaha...

I'm wainting for more games as well!

WOW. I loved it! Really really good!

Thank you! <3

I probably will... 

Wow.... that's a lot of information... great I love it!

Yeah, I more or less knew about all this courses and programs but is great to heard other people that aolso enjoy them,

The main reason why I'm not doing one at the moment is for school (I'm from Argentina so I still have several months until holidays) and when I'm free I'm currently focusing on my own projects such as improving my art, game development skills or writing.

I think is great you are exploring all this free stuff, showing how posible is to learn on the internet without spending a cent.

"Ur a teen, u prob know a lot or maybe schools talk abt resources >.<;" haha actually... no. I wish, al, I know I got it from youtube or my moms advice (she is better than my with internet stuff, fighting the sterotipe)

".right dont ever thing to apologize abt talking in comments at least with me,, as u can see i cannot shut up and i write a lot (ーー;)" Me too sometimes... and you've lovely to talk too, so thanks! Nice people are the best... I'll keep track of your new games...

Also, this is maybe too personal, but, are you making game as a living? if so, do you have any advice? Just a asking because I'll love to do it in a future... maybe

Hey! I haven't finished the game yet but is looking amazing so far!

Sorry if our conversation is getting too extended but I just wanted to say that that is awesome... me too, when I start making my own money, would love to do online courses/programs. Good luck!!!

Oh really? I had no idea (sorry I'm kind of a noob here jet) I'll change it now.

I actually think that the reason why I was so happy with the game is because I'm more or less in the same page. I'm still a highschool student and they are killing me even on quarantine... oh well.

Really? I'll look for it it sounds really helpful... again thank you for the sweet words!

Oh no! I wanted to rated this because I forgot an a accidentaly gave it 3 stars... I laugh so much It deserves 5! Sorry 

Awwww, thank you so much! It took a lot of time to put them all on the game but was worth it. I played your game as well! I really liked the style!

Thank you! I'm glad you like it...

Hey! Thanks for the nice worlds!

Smart move!

Hi! Thank you for letting me know!

Hey! Thanks for the reply! I guess I'll wait then...

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Hello! this would be my second jam, my first one was for the still going Bitsy jam.

The rules say "You can use pre-made assets that were not made for this jam, like asset packs, or assets from older projects of yours." but it is okay to make assets specifically for this jam in advance? My logic says yeah but I wouldn't like to cheat...

Well, thank you!

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Hello Joey! You made me smile so hard!

I'm going to see your video right now. The fact that someone would play my game and feel it was good enough to make gameplay and post it surprised me...

Thank you for playing!

I love the fact that it ended up being a loop! Nice.