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Sorry for the late response! But yeah!!! Of course you can do that... please! Send it our way!!

I want to know how it continues! Please guys you are killing me. 
Anyways! I made Prince Ferrauo fan art, he is so soft and cute, I hope you like it!

I want to say thank you to all of you playing the game, we have reached 1k downloads! That means so much to us. We are preparing something for you to celebrate, please wait a little bit <3

Sorry for the super late reply, but no, we won't probably!

I'm so... hyped... for the rest of this story. It feels like Black Mirrow meets romance. Idk, it was weirdly emotional for how short the demo is. Beautiful work, please finish it!

Sorry for the inconvenience! Can you try again, please?

Hi! The Kingdom is cursed to be a place where lies grew to the point they become "the reality".  The game is meant to be a commentary on LGBT people having to lie and fake what they are not, many times even to themselves. 
The princess is gay, but inside the kingdom, she doesn't realize it (because magic) and the knight is a woman. 

The Queen came from outside the kingdom and married the King, eventually, she also is lost in the lies. 

Where do they end up? Outside the kingdom, where exactly...? idonow, somewhere where they can be free from the lies. 

I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Thank you for this tender review!
It was important to me that their friendship ending is as valid and fulfilling as the romantic one, I'm glad you enjoyed them  ♥

Thank you!!!

Oh hi! Thank you for the nice comment, I'm really happy you enjoyed the game and the artwork 

Thank you for this comment! It makes me so happy that you, an Alice enjoyed like myself, liked the game.
Also, thank you for featuring our game! Your support means a lot <3

Also also, as the artist, the fact that you think the game has a look and personality makes me so ahhhhh, thanks thanks thanks!

Thank you so much! We had a great team!

Thank you for playing! I'm excited about trying out your submission as well, congrats on the release <3 

Lewis says that but I got my mom shouting from her studio that the music was great! Hahaha

This reminds me of botanicura! I see you are a man of culture as well.

Thanks! ❤️

Thank you!

Hi, I used your code in a game for NaNoreno2022!
Thank you for making this available, I'm new at coding so this was a lot of help ^-^ 

750+ now... wow!

Hello again, were should I ask for help? There seems not to be a chanel for that?

I have actually but haven't asked yet because I'm not 100% I can participate on this jam yet! 

But I'll ask nonetheless, even if I don't finish a game I can learn something new! 

Ohh wow, that's amazing! Can I ask where did you find information on that?

Thank you so much! I ask there then

Hello! I have always wanted to make a  2d graphic adventure point and click style and this seems like the perfect opportunity!
However, I don't seem to find any guides or tutorials (all of them seem to be for 3d and I honestly have no idea how to move that to 2d)

"Prior to the jam, Senscape will be offering training sessions for beginner and advanced developers" when will this be and how can I communicate this doubt to the team? Only if they can help me with this question of course!



Thank you for playing, you have made my day! I hope I can make you happy again in the future :D

Just a couple of weeks ago I changed the cover to express gratitude for 500 downloads... now we are at 650+!!

Thank you so much for playing everybody :D

Hello! I'm so so sorry for the late reply.
I'm so happy you enjoy the game!
I actually didn't think of doing something like that but It is a great idea for players who are lost! (I think I will do it soon)
However, this is a fast walkthrough just for you to get the romantic ending:

- S P O I L E R S -
1. Help him! He needs aid...
2. I should prepare the ointment first!
3. No! You’re hurt! You have to stay here.
4. Sure! But be careful with your wing.
5. I don’t want you to leave! 

I hope this helps you! Let me know if you enjoyed the romantic ending!

I mean... Yeah, me too

Thank you! It's my first time getting a comment from a mango!


Thank you!

I really like the simplistic art and the sound design is so weirdly realistic and atmospheric... Good job!

Thank your for playing it!

Yeah, Kat did the backgrounds and they are sooooo detailed and pretty <3

I'm sorry about the music being too loud, that was definitely a mistake in our part (you can lower it on settings if you want to play again)

Thank you!

I'm glad you enjoyed our little game!

Thank you for playing :D

Thank you for playing!
I'm glad you liked the art, it means a lot every time someone says they like it (I also really like how the market came out!)

Did you get the other ending?? :D

I'm so sorry, let me fix it for you

"I'm a sad human being and I hate things that women like because I'm a sad human being "

"I'm a man and I hate things that women like because I'm a man"

Hey hey hey! Don't worry about it. Really, I'm not offended! The art was rush but I'm still super proud how they came out taking into consideration the time we had. 

I'm so glad you liked Kisabel's design and that you find him to be original, that makes me super happy.

About the Seer... nop? I don't know what happened, the sprite has created the same as the other ones.

About Letti's face... man, I see it now, I'll take it into consideration in the future, although I still like it in many ways :D

Thank you for the inside, I hope you get to enjoy more of my games and projects of all the other amazing people that took place in its making in the future! See-ya!!