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I have created a Discord server for current and past students of both the Diploma and Certificate IV for Digital & Interactive Games. This is a good place to collaborate, network with other students, and keep in contact with myself (Josh). If you would like an invitation to the Discord server, leave a comment on this thread and I will send you an invitation link.

Hello everyone!

So the end of the semester has finally come. I hope you all managed to get your work in on time and successfully complete your qualifications! If you didn't that's OK, I am sure you learned some really useful things throughout the course anyway and knowing what you know now you will be able to make some educated decisions in regards to your future endeavours (of which I wish you luck in whatever they may be!).

So now that the pressure of your course work being lifted, this weekend would be a good opportunity to chill out and enjoy yourself before the jam. Kick back and enjoy your free time, do the things that you have wanted to do all semester but have not been able to. If you are really fiending to keep up the game development, bust out a few tutorials and learn some new skills prior to the start of the jam. Or alternatively see if any of your other team members would like to continue planning/pre-production for your jam concepts.

Speaking of which, I hope that everyone has managed to come up with some sort of concept for the jam. Don't worry if you haven't, as most game jams usually will not allow you to eve concept ideas prior to the start of the jam - coming up with an idea quickly under pressure is part of the fun!

To all participants, please make your schedules clear to your team mates to achieve the optimal development cycle. You should definitely not blow off any of your other commitments you may have, but it's important to let your team mates know when you will and will not be available throughout the duration of the game jam. Make sure your team structure is solid, and make sure that you pull your weight! If you are going to bail out make sure you let your team mates know so they can adjust the development cycle and concept scope accordingly.

So everyone have fun this weekend! Enjoy yourselves, chill out, play some games, and come the beginning of the jam at 10:00 AM Monday you will be nice and refreshed and ready to jump into some game dev! The aim of the game isn't to make something pretty, something that you can sell, something that hits any criteria really (aside from the themes) - the aim of the jam is just to make something as complete as you can in terms of gameplay. Use the skills you have learned over the last 6-12 months and apply them as best you can, however you want.

So in the time leading up to the start of the jam, we are essentially going through pre-production. This is something that isn't a part of most game jams, however I think it is beneficial to all of us as new game devs. So what is allowed during pre-production is basically anything that does not involve the actual production of assets towards your game.


- Start a Unity project for the game

- Make 3D models, animations, scripts, textures, or any other assets specifically towards the game jam


- Create a GDD and begin to document your ideas

- Plan your production cycle

- Create concept art and any other resources for planning your concepts and designs

If there is anything else you are not sure is allowed prior to the start of the jam, leave a comment on this thread and I will get back to you.

Make sure you plan your games scope according to the allotted time for the jam, and the strengths of each of your team members. Underestimate your own skills to ensure that you will be able to achieve your planned designs, and have a potentially polished product.

Suuuuuuuuck uuuuuuuuuuuppppppppp!!

Just kidding :P Cheers man, glad you enjoyed it! :D



Focal Point




The Moon

Lost Paradise

Microscopic Worlds






Thanks Brody!

Yeah the camera can definitely use some improvement! I think the main issues though are with the actual hitscan shooting mechanics of the weapons. It doesn't work using screen space, it uses a raycast from the gun barrel in a straight line so it heavily relies on the rotation of the weapon in the characters hands - definitely something I wanted to improve but ran out of time for :(

Haha definitely had a lot of the primary inspiration for the idea drawn from that episode of Rick and Morty!

I absolutely agree with you, if you can really capitalise on a good design of one element of game design then the response you will get to the game overall will be a lot more positive. That is feedback I often get for the games I make for game jams (I remember getting that feedback a lot for my very first Ludum Dare game 'Meltdown') - and I find that any kind of narration improves the overall user impression of the games polish no matter how much of a prototype it is.

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Wow this is really really good guys! Cool to see a TD entry :) Visually it looks pretty good, and the audio sets a really fast-paced atmosphere for the game. The connection to the fruit/veg theme is not entirely clear but I do see your turrets have been influenced by that theme - not to mention the giant apply that you can roll around the level :P

You should include a description of the weapons somewhere though, just so players can familiarise themselves with which weapons are most suited to which enemies. Maybe just briefly explain the gameplay on the home page as well.


- I think the art style can be improved on a bit, 

- Weapon values can be revised (like reload speed and damage).

- More enemies and enemy behaviours would be a great addition!

- More sound effects, like for the weapons when they are being fired and also for when you lose a life.

All in all though you guys have made a really solid entry for the jam! Absolutely excellent work!

Holy crap this is so addictive! Took me about 10 minutes to pass the final level but I did it! Great job Chris, you have locked onto some simple but really solid gameplay. The game looks and sounds really good to, the visuals and audio definitely compliment each other and give it a bit of a retro vibe. Nicely done!

Great work guys! This was a really cool interactive experience! The art, audio, and story are all very well done. I had a smile on my face the whole way through! And really cool to see you use an engine other than Unity!

Some improvements that could be made:

- In terms of the subtitles, rewriting the lines so that there is a clear distinction between dialogue and actions would be recommended. Use " " for dialogue, and * * for actions.

- The GUI could be rearranged to be more clear. For instance the names of the characters appeared to be behind the subtitle panel.

- I found some of the scene was covered by the GUI. The subtitle panel itself could be made smaller, or the characters moved higher in screen space to avoid this.

- I see that the engine offers the ability to include narrative choices, could be cool to include in future versions.

- Some extra audio such as SFX to match the scene actions or even narration would be cool as well.

All around you guys did an excellent job though, very impressive!

Great job Matt, your game is visually very appealing! The connection to both themes is very clear, I think you gave done a really good job. Some audio would have been icing on the cake, and added a bit more atmosphere to the game. You could do some interesting things with this in the future mechanics wise too, even if its something as simple as harvesting your crops!

Way too many controls to remember, you should list them on the page.

Textures look awesome, hard to imagine they are just stock cubes like you said. Love the way the grab and drag mechanic works too!


- Box collisions with player

- Space gravity

- Game lags when spawning boxes

- Program a quit function

- There was a mention of a slow mo mechanic but couldnt figure it out

- Also couldn't figure out how to tether boxes together.

Could do some interesting things with this prototype from here!

Cool to see what you were able to create for the jam! The art looks great, hit the minimalistic theme bang on! Really interested to see what you might do with this gameplay wise!

Ah yeah it's probably the range on the pistol, I didn't get enough time to do functionality testing before submitting.

Hahaha yeah man sure did! Made the majority of the audio with my mouth lol!

The pistol speed or shotgun bullet speed? The pistol is hitscan so it should be instant.

Congratulations everyone for making it through your first (for most of you) game jam! I hope you guys had an excellent experience, I really believe game jams are a great way of developing a further understanding of not only rapid prototyping but of the game dev process in general!

Kudos to everyone who managed to submit a game, not an easy task for your first game jam so those of you who did you should be proud! Those of you that haven't yet, or won't get to - no sweat! That's a part of game jams, sometimes you can't make the deadline because life gets in the way and that's ok because there's always next time!

So voting will begin as soon as the submission timer is completed. I have set the voting timer end for Sunday at 12 PM (lunch time) to try and encourage everyone to play each other's games and offer some feedback while the jam is still fresh in our minds. So check back after lunch on Sunday to see how you did in the voting!

If for some reason you did not finish your game on time, but would still like to enter it into the jam - then you need to upload it to your itch profile and then send me a link to the URL. At which point I will send you back another link which you can then follow to confirm a late entry for the jam.

Lastly, thank you to all of you for participating in the jam. I hope it has been a valuable experience for you. To those of you who are not returning for the cert 4 or diploma next semester - keep up with your game dev! This experience is a perfect example of how you can continue to develop games because you have the understanding now. To those of you who are returning to TAFE next semester, no doubt I will see you around campus! Thank you all for a great semester, and I wish you all the best for the future!

- Josh

Just a heads up to everyone this is my dad, not a fellow student of yours. I got him in on this game jam so he could practice some game dev skills!

Getting towards the end of the jam, next 12 hours will be crunch time for me! Got some animations and music in now.

With approximately 20 hours left of the jam, I have changed the jam to be a ranked game jam. This means that when you submit your game it will be voted on by the other submitters and contributors to the game jam. I have done this to encourage everyone to play each others game, give it a rating, and leave some constructive criticism.

The game(s) that get the most votes across all the categories wins the jam!

The models are starting to come in now!

So I spent all day today modelling and implementing a character into Unity. Took waaaaaay longer than I expected (or than it should have), but ladies and gentlemen I present to you.... pickle character!

Holy crap that looks great guys! I can't wait to give your game a play!

Here's the next progress video for my game. It's coming along really nicely! Hopefully by this time tomorrow I can have all of the models in :)

Awesome Chelsea it looks like it's coming along great! Super excited to see what your idea is, from the screenshot my guess is some kind of shopping game? :D

Heres a pic of some of the concept art I did a week or two ago for the jam. Almost ready to start modelling characters now!

Here's a progress video of my game, the prototype is coming together really quickly!

Use this thread to post screenshots, videos, or other teasers of your game as it's in development!

Hello everyone! I hope you have enjoyed your first weekend of no TAFE commitment's in 20 weeks. So we are T-Minus 16 hours until the beginning of the jam, and I just wanted to remind everyone of a few things.

Firstly, there's the themes. We have two themes for this jam, and all entries must incorporate both themes in some way. The interpretation of the themes is completely open, but the connection to your game must be clear. The two themes that all games must include are - 1. Fruit & Veggies, 2. Minimalistic.

Secondly, there's the rules of the jam. The rules are clearly stated on the jam home page and all participants must make themselves familiar with them. Any entries that do not abide by the rules will be disqualified.

Thirdly, there are the guidelines. There are only three but they are very important. To have the most enjoyable experience during the jam, and to increase the likelihood of achieving your planned design, I highly encourage you to follow these guidelines. They can be read on the jam's home page.

So everyone please have fun! Starting at 10:00 AM tomorrow we can all start working on developing our games. If you do not have an idea yet, try and come up with one before the beginning of the jam so you can get stuck straight into development. I am really looking forward to seeing what you guys can all come up with in 72 hours!

Oh and one last thing, the best games could possibly feature at the Perth Games Festival this year - so keep that in mind and try to create something as fun and engaging as you can!

Good luck to everyone!

A really cool concept!  With some polish this could be a really, really great game! Good job. :)

My grandma died yesterday so I'm out of this months 28 secret. Good luck to everyone else though.

if its a 48 hour jam how come the page says it only goes for 5 hours?

This was a cool little game, great take on a classic. Enjoyed the artwork and the audio, and it actually turns out to be quite challenging as the game goes on and more ghosts pop up. Kudos on a job well done. :)

A good entry for the jam, I like the mechanic of balancing the ice bergs. The only other thoughts I had was that the camera field of view should be bigger so that you can see where you are jumping. It's hard to tell where you have to land until you are already falling. I also was not a big fan of the music for this genre, I think something a bit more light-hearted would have fit a bit better.

None the less, great work on a good entry!  Kudos :)

I played the original jam version because I thought it'd be best if my vote was based on that. This game is a really solid entry. The gameplay is really, really fun and I love the whole upgrade system. A shame the audio didn't work on the original version, but even so you've done a great job! Kudos!

Awesome game! The only issue I noticed was that the colour of the penguin's chest is the same colour as the background during the day - so it appears to 'blend in' with the background during the day.

Other than that mechanically speaking, I think the game would be a bit more engaging if as time went on the frequency of obstacles spawning increased. That way as time goes on there's less and less distance between each obstacle making it even harder.

But I really enjoyed playing your game, excellent work. Kudos on a great entry!

ok no worries, I copied the list over to the next jam but if onemof them gets chosen ill edit them out of the list

(1 edit)

- Lost Paradise

- Life cycles

- A dangerous storm

- Big vs. Small

- Stranded

- Fictional Science

- Beneath the surface

- Conservation

- Stray from the flock

Righto no worries! Were there any that you were going to put in the list for this game jam? If you'd prefer I can chuck that list in the one for January and post a couple of newer ones for this jam? (A more limited list)