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Awesome! Cheers 5targuy, time to get planning ☺

Ah ok, must have missed that somehow! Awesome! Will check back in 6 hours :)

Created a new topic Theme Announcement??

i was just wondering when we can expect the theme to be put up on the page? Ive been watching closely since the timer hit 7 days to go, keen to get planning the story!

So I am not sure if I was doing anything wrong but I couldn't figure out any of the puzzles? Or did you run out of time to end up implementing the puzzles?

I'm not entirely sure on what the aim of the game is, what are we supposed to be typing into the console?

This was a super fun game, and the music was amazing. Really captured the atmosphere of the game through the music. Starts getting quite intense after you pass the first wave, I managed to get almost to the end of wave 3 :P Kudos on a great game!

Dude this was a really simple, yet really cool concept that I found myself loving! I thought that the whole thing was a bit short, like it's really easy to beat the game with pretty much half the time unspent. But the concept is really good and this would be cool to see expanded into a larger game I think! The art and music was really well done too.

Awesome game, loved the sort of retro/vector kind of theme. Really fun to play, kudos!

ok fair enough 😊 Thank you! So does yours, big fan of hacking games over here 😀

I was wondering if it is specifically music, or includes all audio? Our game has no music, but all of the audio was recorded & edited from scratch over this weekend.

Posted in Theme List:

- Shrinking resources.

- Weather.

- Before and after.

- 2 minute countdown.

- Secrets.

Amazing, can't wait for the full game!