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It is a terrible, rushed formula that determines the outcome in the end - and unfortunately it nearly always leads to a neutral result. Like most of my other jam entries, this turned out more as a tech demo for something that could be a cool idea.

The control scheme is also a product of a rushed jam pipeline haha.

Great work guys, you have come a long way since I first met you almost a year ago. You both have promising careers in the industry, and I can't wait to follow them and see what other great things you do! Keep up the good work!

Amazing work you guys. This is an incredibly polished submission! I was really impressed by the solution you have generated to the jams theme. The gameplay is solid, and everything is pretty well refined. The sensitivity of the jetpack could be reduced, maybe with the speed of the enemies - just to make it easier to be more precise with your shots.

Overall A+ work, seeing this compared to where you guys were almost a year ago is incredibly impressive. Both of you are two of the most promising developers I have had the pleasure of teaching!

Booooooooooooo >:(

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Sweet Jesus prepare for some brutal coding, I feel sorry for the guy who has to check all the project folders and make sense of the code ;)

Question, what about classes within classes? ;) As in nested classes.

Here's a test animation for one of the characters.

Hey everyone, just wanted to post an update in regards to this project because it has been a while! So I will start by confirming this project is still in development! Even though we were unable to get the game finished for entry into the jam, I actually feel quite passionate about this idea and am committed to developing and releasing a small - but polished product.

During the jam we were a team of 3 people, but with the jam over my former team mates needed to return focus to their respective studies. So for now I am continuing to slowly develop this project as a solo developer, however that's not to say I am opposed to working with other developers if the opportunities arise.

So I have been modifying the characters some more so that they not only hit the target theme more, but also so that I can begin to play around with animating the characters in Unity. I have made a few simple test animations and they don't look half bad.

Unfortunately I have to try and spread my time between my job, other projects I am involved in, my YouTube channel (games programming tutorials), which doesn't often leave me with time to work on this. However I am committed to completing this project, no matter how long it takes!

I couldn't figure out how to upload .mp4s, so I don't have anything to show off with this update. But I will post some more development content as soon as I can.

So seeing as we were not able to make the jam deadline we are going to take a bit more time creating assets to make sure they are the best they can be.

Here is a character concept (WiP) inspired by the character Beth from the show. The character is still a work in progress and will change throughout development.

We definitely will be buddy! Hopefully will have a playable demo in the next 2-3 days - stay posted!

Clearly a spam entry, does not relate to a song at all.

Hmmm I will think on the hint system and figure out a good way of implementing it! 

In regards to your other query, if you know the question then you are guaranteed to move forward a tile. Some of the questions will give you an opportunity to retry and some will not. WIth the ones that do, whether you move or not is usually based on how close you were to the original answer. That's why its a trivia game! :P

Thank you for the feedback.

There was no sound in this version, I have made an updated version that has some sound in it and a couple of fixes (including your countdown timer suggestion!). Thanks for the feedback dude!

I have unhidden the downloadable file now so you should be all good!

Ah ok, interesting! Great job!

What do you think could have been added out of curiosity?

Wicked dude! Was this a game you made in Blender?

The batch file worked fine for me!

Great job man, I always enjoy your Blender creations!

That is a great idea, I will implement it in the next update!

If you are wondering how you can be marked as a contributor to your game project, the person who has uploaded and submitted it to the jam on has to go to the games dashboard (edit game) - and then go to the Admin menu. From there you can generate links for people to be marked as contributors to your game which will also allow you to vote on other submissions in the jam. You will need to provide your username to this person in order for them to generate the link.

If you joined the jam and did not submit anything but would still like to vote on the games, you can leave a comment here and I will mark you as a Judge so that you can vote on the games. You will need to accept a link that I generate for your username specifically.

Also if you want to make an 'Update' for your game even though the jam has ended, there is nothing stopping you from doing so! I would only ask that you keep the original game jam submission version available on the itch page, and make sure that this version is clearly marked as the original jam version of the game. Itch allows you to have multiple builds of your game available, so you should be able to upload game updates as separate builds to the original version.

Congrats to everyone who managed to get their game in on time! I hope this experience was of some value to you all in one way or another, for me the thing that game jams really helped me with is developing rapid prototyping, idea generation, and of course planning a reasonable scope for the development cycle!

Ultimately the aim of the jam is just to get you guys making something, it doesn't have to be great; it doesn't have to be polished; it doesn't have to be long; it doesn't even have too be finished - it just needs to be some kind of playable game. Having said that - I have been following most of the groups in their development cycles throughout the jam, and from day one the bar was set incredibly high. I honestly did not expect such polished, well-thought out, and complete games entries - you have all thoroughly impressed me and made me incredibly proud!

So now we have the voting period, during this period you should all try play and rate all of the other jam entries. The voting period is open for a couple of days, and then when it ends itch will automatically publish the results of the jam - at which point we will be able to see who the winners of the jam are!

Also anyone that is still up as this has been posted - go get some sleep now that you have an extra 24 hours to submit!

Hello everyone. So I have decided to extend the deadline for jam entries from 10:00 AM Thursday 13/12/18 to 10:00 AM Friday 14/12/18. This decision was made because I had to give up half of my day today due to some unforseen (and unplanned) circumstances in RL. I realise that not everyone will be able to continue work on their games for an extra day, you may have other commitments and responsibilities that you need to fulfil (or you need a break from game development because your eyes are bleeding) - that is fine, there is no obligation to use this extra time at all. You can submit your game entries at any point during the jam, and you are more than welcome to submit the games by the original deadline if you want. The date and time of your submission is recorded when you upload the project to the jam page, so it is publicly visible to people when voting is going down.

I realise that you may have already submitted your game, and with this extension you might want to continue working on it - that is also fine! Simply continue to work on the project as you see fit, and then upload a new build to the itch page! The entry link will automatically redirect to your game's itch page, so whatever builds are available through the page will be accessible to everyone.

From what I have seen of all of the other projects so far, the bar has been set incredibly high. There are some really polished prototypes being created by you all,  what I have witnessed makes me incredibly proud to have been a part of your development in game design. With the extra day I hope you can put a little bit of extra juice, jazz, and shazam into your games.

If you have any queries, qualms, or other feedback, then feel free to leave a comment on this thread or send me a message on Discord.

This link has 10 uses and expires in 1 day, join the fun!

Diploma students where are ya? Contact me on Discord so we can organise the development cycle.

I have created a Discord server for current and past students of both the Diploma and Certificate IV for Digital & Interactive Games. This is a good place to collaborate, network with other students, and keep in contact with myself (Josh). If you would like an invitation to the Discord server, leave a comment on this thread and I will send you an invitation link.

Hello everyone!

So the end of the semester has finally come. I hope you all managed to get your work in on time and successfully complete your qualifications! If you didn't that's OK, I am sure you learned some really useful things throughout the course anyway and knowing what you know now you will be able to make some educated decisions in regards to your future endeavours (of which I wish you luck in whatever they may be!).

So now that the pressure of your course work being lifted, this weekend would be a good opportunity to chill out and enjoy yourself before the jam. Kick back and enjoy your free time, do the things that you have wanted to do all semester but have not been able to. If you are really fiending to keep up the game development, bust out a few tutorials and learn some new skills prior to the start of the jam. Or alternatively see if any of your other team members would like to continue planning/pre-production for your jam concepts.

Speaking of which, I hope that everyone has managed to come up with some sort of concept for the jam. Don't worry if you haven't, as most game jams usually will not allow you to eve concept ideas prior to the start of the jam - coming up with an idea quickly under pressure is part of the fun!

To all participants, please make your schedules clear to your team mates to achieve the optimal development cycle. You should definitely not blow off any of your other commitments you may have, but it's important to let your team mates know when you will and will not be available throughout the duration of the game jam. Make sure your team structure is solid, and make sure that you pull your weight! If you are going to bail out make sure you let your team mates know so they can adjust the development cycle and concept scope accordingly.

So everyone have fun this weekend! Enjoy yourselves, chill out, play some games, and come the beginning of the jam at 10:00 AM Monday you will be nice and refreshed and ready to jump into some game dev! The aim of the game isn't to make something pretty, something that you can sell, something that hits any criteria really (aside from the themes) - the aim of the jam is just to make something as complete as you can in terms of gameplay. Use the skills you have learned over the last 6-12 months and apply them as best you can, however you want.

So in the time leading up to the start of the jam, we are essentially going through pre-production. This is something that isn't a part of most game jams, however I think it is beneficial to all of us as new game devs. So what is allowed during pre-production is basically anything that does not involve the actual production of assets towards your game.


- Start a Unity project for the game

- Make 3D models, animations, scripts, textures, or any other assets specifically towards the game jam


- Create a GDD and begin to document your ideas

- Plan your production cycle

- Create concept art and any other resources for planning your concepts and designs

If there is anything else you are not sure is allowed prior to the start of the jam, leave a comment on this thread and I will get back to you.

Make sure you plan your games scope according to the allotted time for the jam, and the strengths of each of your team members. Underestimate your own skills to ensure that you will be able to achieve your planned designs, and have a potentially polished product.

Suuuuuuuuck uuuuuuuuuuuppppppppp!!

Just kidding :P Cheers man, glad you enjoyed it! :D



Focal Point




The Moon

Lost Paradise

Microscopic Worlds






Thanks Brody!

Yeah the camera can definitely use some improvement! I think the main issues though are with the actual hitscan shooting mechanics of the weapons. It doesn't work using screen space, it uses a raycast from the gun barrel in a straight line so it heavily relies on the rotation of the weapon in the characters hands - definitely something I wanted to improve but ran out of time for :(

Haha definitely had a lot of the primary inspiration for the idea drawn from that episode of Rick and Morty!

I absolutely agree with you, if you can really capitalise on a good design of one element of game design then the response you will get to the game overall will be a lot more positive. That is feedback I often get for the games I make for game jams (I remember getting that feedback a lot for my very first Ludum Dare game 'Meltdown') - and I find that any kind of narration improves the overall user impression of the games polish no matter how much of a prototype it is.

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Wow this is really really good guys! Cool to see a TD entry :) Visually it looks pretty good, and the audio sets a really fast-paced atmosphere for the game. The connection to the fruit/veg theme is not entirely clear but I do see your turrets have been influenced by that theme - not to mention the giant apply that you can roll around the level :P

You should include a description of the weapons somewhere though, just so players can familiarise themselves with which weapons are most suited to which enemies. Maybe just briefly explain the gameplay on the home page as well.


- I think the art style can be improved on a bit, 

- Weapon values can be revised (like reload speed and damage).

- More enemies and enemy behaviours would be a great addition!

- More sound effects, like for the weapons when they are being fired and also for when you lose a life.

All in all though you guys have made a really solid entry for the jam! Absolutely excellent work!

Holy crap this is so addictive! Took me about 10 minutes to pass the final level but I did it! Great job Chris, you have locked onto some simple but really solid gameplay. The game looks and sounds really good to, the visuals and audio definitely compliment each other and give it a bit of a retro vibe. Nicely done!

Great work guys! This was a really cool interactive experience! The art, audio, and story are all very well done. I had a smile on my face the whole way through! And really cool to see you use an engine other than Unity!

Some improvements that could be made:

- In terms of the subtitles, rewriting the lines so that there is a clear distinction between dialogue and actions would be recommended. Use " " for dialogue, and * * for actions.

- The GUI could be rearranged to be more clear. For instance the names of the characters appeared to be behind the subtitle panel.

- I found some of the scene was covered by the GUI. The subtitle panel itself could be made smaller, or the characters moved higher in screen space to avoid this.

- I see that the engine offers the ability to include narrative choices, could be cool to include in future versions.

- Some extra audio such as SFX to match the scene actions or even narration would be cool as well.

All around you guys did an excellent job though, very impressive!