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Hey, thanks for try it out! You actually ran into a bug I found after I submitted it to the Jam. You never actually got to the game level. In order to do that, you need to walk straight through the door, not going to the side. If that does not work, try going back inside and out again. 

It actually is from ErbGameArt. Here's a link to his youtube vid if you want it (it's free): 

there is a link in the description to download it.

This is such a great game! What's the high-score? This is mine:

Can we use free assets from places like the unity asset store?

can we make more than one game for the jam?

I know, nothing spawns when that glitch happens. You should try it again and it will hopefully work. 

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Yeah that's a dumb glitch i couldn't figure out by the dealine. If restart the game it might work. If M&Ms spawn in the houses, it's working.

nevermind, I got it figured out.

I tried to submit my project, but for some reason it isn't in the entries. Here's a link to my game if you want it: