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Omg, I like the flip book so much.

Yep, you have to walk on like there's stairs behind the tower. love the game, btw.

Nice work!

So beautiful :D

Very cool!

Thank you :D

Thanks for reviewing my game. I enjoyed watching your video. :)

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On this build, I think your door is a wall. My character cannot pass through it. After using mouse wall hacking on it. The gameplay is awesome. :D

Thank you :D

I like how you put the interactive objects seamlessly.

Thank you, Lucky Pixel :D

It's like reading a story book page by page. I love it :D

Beautiful art style... I love it :D

I love your puzzles :D

Great story, beautiful graphics :D

Showing dialog on old room describes action when player hits that tile. Showing it on new room describes the setting of new room/event.

For simplicity, I think showing dialog just like in the ending screen works on both ways as it depends on the narrative.

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Is it possible to add a dialog to the exit itself? So, when player walks into exit (teleport tile), it will force player to read important messages before going to the next room.

This feature will add dialog box into "exits" window in the editor.



Thank you :)

Thank you :)

It's really depressing. I love it :D

Thank you :D

Great story! I love it :D

I like your technique. If the character is invisible, player will feel like they're controlling the snake :D

Thank you :D

I like your idea :)