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Feel free to give me any suggestions. I'm using LOVE2d game engine to build this.

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Hello, I just wanted to announce my new casual game is available on Android, Windows, and macOS. In this game, you build a space elevator to reach all the planets, while an engineering team will guide you on when to build a space bridge along the way.

You use 1 node point to build, and gain 5 or 7 node points when building a space bridge. The game is over when you run out of node points.

Tap to build a new node

The higher you go, the less stable the structure is

Complete the nodes to reach the next level


Omg, I like the flip book so much.

Yep, you have to walk on like there's stairs behind the tower. love the game, btw.

Nice work!

So beautiful :D

Very cool!

Thank you :D

Thanks for reviewing my game. I enjoyed watching your video. :)

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On this build, I think your door is a wall. My character cannot pass through it. After using mouse wall hacking on it. The gameplay is awesome. :D

Thank you :D

I like how you put the interactive objects seamlessly.

Thank you, Lucky Pixel :D

It's like reading a story book page by page. I love it :D

Beautiful art style... I love it :D

I love your puzzles :D

Great story, beautiful graphics :D



Thank you :)

Thank you :)

It's really depressing. I love it :D

Thank you :D

Great story! I love it :D

I like your technique. If the character is invisible, player will feel like they're controlling the snake :D

Thank you :D

I like your idea :)