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I liked it, my only complain would be that the variety stops after you introduce the bullets (or dots?) into the game (of course, you only had 48 hours so it's not a big complaint), and that, as the other commenter said, most of the time I found myself spamming the jump and platform buttons. But great job anyways, it was very addictive and fast pace (and great music!)

Very good job on this!! Definitely one of the best uses of the theme here.

It's definitely not for me, it's too frustrating to keep reloading the page and starting from the beginning (I read your reasoning in the comments and I get it now) but still, it's very creative and it fits the theme really well!!

This is great!!! Definitely one of the best games of the Jam. Nothing much to say about it. Great Job!!!

At first I really didn't like it, but it grew on me everytime I played it again. Good job!

A few kinks to work out (some of them are in other comments, but I'll reinstate them):

- You can't restart a level until you lose.

- Can't deselect squares.

- Some sequences are impossible (I particularly remember a Red-Yellow-Yellow-Yellow-Yellow sequence, but there were still blue squares!!).

-Sometimes I didn't have the correct sequence and the game said I won (admittedly this didn't happen very often, but it was worth mentioning).

It was really addicting! I ended up winning with 9.2 seconds left. My only complain is that the controls aren't as fluid as I would hope for a platformer, especially one with such a time limit, there are times when I would get caught up in the heat of the moment and the jump button wouldn't work!! This made me lose so many times.

But overall pretty good!!

Good job! I sometimes had a hard time telling the colors apart, and it took me a while to know when the elevator was open and when it was closed.

It isn't a game for me, but I imagine people liking it, I actually had a hard time playing it since I didn't realize it was made for english keyboards (my keyboard was in english, but I had set it to spanish in the settings).

My favourite game so far! I really liked the concept, although I would've liked the position of the owner to be random each time (kinda takes away from the replay factor) But it was very good and atmospheric!

It pretty good and addicting!! My only complain is that the ball feels a little too heavy to control, and it can be frustrating to have enemies appear very close or exactly where you're at. The only thing that I really hated was the music.

I liked it! It was well designed in that I liked the art and I could understand what I needed to do just through the design, but it was a little *too* simplistic, once you've done the first puzzle, the rest are pretty much the same.

My only nitpick is that I couldn't hear the music! Maybe it's just a problem with my computer, so I'm not gonna give you a hard time about that. And I guess it fits the theme since you're only pressing one key at a time?