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Nice and fun puzzle game there! Really cool concept and nice graphics. Though I feel that the clone could move a little slower..

When the spawning of Tribbles got faster and faster and faster, the speed of the other Tribbles falling into place when I removed them did not quite match up to the rate of spawning, perhaps both speeds could be set equally for a fairer play? In addition, I felt that the starting level's spawning rate was very slow, and the action or excitement of the game only built up in the way later stages where I can finally feel that I'm at risk of losing (in Classic mode), but it's alright if you kept the Classic mode mechanism as it is.

What I didn't like was that, in the 'Clear The Level' mode, the additional Tribbles seem to spawn out of nowhere. I was expecting to be careful about the order that I removed the Tribbles in order to clear the levels, but having random Tribbles spawning out of nowhere removed that sense of caution.

Overall, the game was quite fun, good job! I liked the cutesy feel of the game too!

After days and days of gruesome intense coding, our team has finally finished the game! Moreover, we have let our friends play-tested the game and received numerous feedback, to which we have better improved and polished the game! Now, revealing and presenting to you ~~~~ Living Space --

There are 12 challenging levels to beat in the game! Attempt to beat the game in normal mode, and upgrading as you go along! Don't forget to check out the cool data logger of the aliens at the hub menu too :)

When the going gets too tough, you can attempt the game in easy mode by toggling the "Easy mode" button at the main menu! In the Easy Mode, you will NOT lose any lives, though the life loss animation will still be played / shown.

What are you waiting for ? Test your limits, creativity, pattern-reading, intelligence, avoidability, reflexes, smartness, coolness in trying to conquer all 12 levels in the normal game mode! Enjoy it today~~~

Have a nice day!

First and foremost, a very Happy New Year 2016 from our team in Sanoke.

Update - We have added in level-to-level transitions/animations, music and sound effects, the ability to pause your game, implemented many different game screens (like game end, instructions, main menu,etc), make our aliens drop loot, and added animation for losing a life.

Till now, we have 5 levels. Our level designer has designed level 4 and 5 since the previous update. And then, our dearest artist has turned crazy and transformed the originally harmless level four into a level four from hell, where any lapse of concentration is punishable.. And his creative juices have further affected level five and the future levels. More level ideas are in mind, and that could go up to 10 levels probably.

More crazy stuffs coming your way!!

Update: Well, our team has came up with a storyline, but that shall remain as an element of surprise, which will be revealed when you try the game out!! Hint: There's a spaceship and there are aliens in the game.

Coding is currently underway and we have designed 3 levels for now :) Our artist has been working tirelessly to come up with fantastic visuals and artpieces, which we could release some sneak previews along the way.

Stay tuned ~~

Hello everybody,

This is our team's first game jam and we're really excited to be part of this amazing experience!

After some initial brainstorming, my team is intending to develop a game in the "bullet hell" genre. As we are still in the initial phase of planning and developing, there is still much more brainstorming and ideas generation to come/do. The setting will probably be in space (duh) and we have yet to come up with a cool storyline (so wait for it!)

My team will be using the libGDX framework (obviously) and coding will be done in Java.

Next, we will be brainstorming on some game mechanics and the basic interface of the game before we actually delve into implementation of the game!

Till then!