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Sandro Figo

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Thank you for the kind words. The material uses a cell shader with outline and some gradients applied (Flat Kit). 


I really enjoyed this short game. One of the last dialogues didn't fit onto the screen and it would be nice to be able to hold spacebar to speed up the text.

Sorry to cause any inconvenience. Here is our late entry:

Great atmosphere.

I really like the atmosphere of the game and the music fits perfectly.

I want to make an update in the near future which focuses on ironing out bugs and making the game mechanics more appealing. Were you confused about the current main goal of the game (reaching the portal) or due to the lack of instructions on movement/actions at the beginning?

The health indicator (vision radius) is changing very subtle at the beginning, but more obvious when the player's health has dropped below 50%. Information like this will be included and explained in the next update through an instruction screen on startup.

I really like the music. Maybe add an option to switch the x/z button to x/y for QWERTZ keyboards.

Nice pixelart!You should render the camera to a render texture which you can scale up to make the final screen bigger.

I will definitely update the game to include an instruction screen for the player. It was like 5 AM in the morning, I had to get some sleep.

I might consider making an after-jam version. Thank you for the great feedback.

I might change that in another version. Are the warning signs too 'aggressive' ?

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I am surprised that so many people make videos about my little game. I might develop a fully fledged mobile version.

I am glad you liked the game :) It's the second time that one of my games makes it into a YouTube video.