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Sandra Moen

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Good on paper, not too good in practice > . <'
Is how we learn. If we had time and energy left at that jam, I think we would've tried the mouse, and found it better < 3

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The review : )

We made 'Underworld Racer', a libGDX game jam submission.

We wanted to recreate a retro racer (link on howto in game description).

The theme of the jam was "The Underworld".

Check out my soon-to-be-released game on Steam: Relationship Anarchy

oh man, this is a silly funny game : p

idk, how you made the level, it's so granular? good job

The subpixel animation is superb, it's really good.

Sometimes the game acts unfair, by not giving enough time and not saying what's happening next. I also mistook the bottles for the presents one time.

Funny lil game : )

Cool game : )

A simple and nice shoot 'em up game : )

Nice pixel art!

Impressive environment, models and effects : )

Love it.
The style is funny and consistent, and the gameplay is just hard enough.

I got a score of 2548 : )
An interesting take on typing games, I enjoyed the gameplay.

A silly fun interactive experience : ) Not sure it meets the definition of a "game".

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Hello : ) My name is Sandra Moen

I'm currently creating a procedurally generated mystery game called "Relationship Anarchy".  It's still a work in progress, and I'm hoping it will become my 3rd game on Steam by next year. (hopefully the start of the next year). In this game you control a little fox running around trying to figure out who is in what relationship with whom? And it's all procedurally generated, because I wanted to :# p

As for now, I've made a free short demo of the game available. And I'm hoping you'll take the time to download it and give me some feedback? I'd love to get your wants, needs, and hopes for this silly little game : )

(also I need a better title for the game I think, any suggestions?)

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I'm not sure if it works on Linux. It's an .exe file that fires up a JRE.

Cool game : )

Really cool game!

A cozy game : )
Thank you for making this.

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Ah, I see. That is an interesting choice : )

Very moody game, the music is excellent. Simple and scary gameplay. I don't want to be reincarnated as a fish!
I'm not sure how the HP works, does it regenerate after a period of not taking damage?
(and I still don't know how you made the tentacles, please make a tutorial ; _ ; ')

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Hello : )
I would very much appreciate it if you'd leave a comment on the game page.
It helps us create better games in the future < 3

Very moody, and the metroidvania/rooms are good ways to divide the puzzles. Might just have to steal that idea sometime.
I also like the narrative elements of the rooms, the text in the background.

I'm not sure what's the purpose of the oxygen running out is, it was a bother to me to restart my exploration.

Cool game : )

A simple and minimalistic game with a clear progression curve. The action/feedback loop is however very short, defining the genre.

I also love the competitive highscore social interaction, which probably was my motivator to play more.

The art is funny and on point with a touch of metafiction. Well done, I might return to play this again and again.

Excellent design!
Simple yet effective at conveying the claustrophobic horror of darkness.
I especially liked the dreaded feeling I got looking around for new monsters. Kinda like going to therapy!
(the top stair monster was a bit hard to see though)

Whoever assisted this young game developer mastermind also deserves praise < 3

I can tell, however, by the apparent 'programming' that this was done by someone lacking in the enthusiasm department... still ok.

9/10 scary monsters, would recommend.

Do you draw these yourself? : )It's beautiful

Very impressive!

Very interesting.

Good art, good music, fun jumpy gameplay. Bit unsure about the mechanics and how to get proficient at the game.

Good job on this : )

Impressive to have a 3d game for a jam. There are a lot cool things going on, that I would struggle create myself.
Gameplay wise, it's a bit difficult. I wish there was a smooth transition between the units.

Very innovative. Funny, funny funny stuff! Voice acting and character design is superb.

Cool graphics, cool effects. good music.
Way to fast for me, I was struggling with the speed.

(love the effects, seriously it's good)

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Love the music, the intro.
Bit rough gameplay. Interesting concept of a tower defence being on one line like that : ) might just have to steal that idea sometime.

Love the animations too, simple yet effective. Wish the upgrade stuff had button indicators.

Glad you liked it : )

Glad you enjoyed it < 3

We balanced the game : ) try it again?

We balanced the game : ) try it again?

Kinda cool : 

Original. Clever use of story telling images and map icons, I like it : )

Love the audio effects : )
Kinda hard to jump

Really good job! : 0

Making 3d games is no joke

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This is my kind of screwed up.

Good job!

This is impressive! The amount of content, the graphics, music game play states, dialogue..

You're good at this : )