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Sandra Moen

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Original. Clever use of story telling images and map icons, I like it : )

Love the audio effects : )
Kinda hard to jump

Really good job! : 0

Making 3d games is no joke

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This is my kind of screwed up.

Good job!

This is impressive! The amount of content, the graphics, music game play states, dialogue..

You're good at this : )

Glad you liked it : )

Thank you : )

Yes, it was simply out of reach for us within the time frame.

Thanks : )

Nice difficulty curve.

Very good job on the snow particle effects, sets the mood and explains away the lack of world details.

Love that you got the box2D lighting stuff to work, or whatever that lighting is, it's beautiful. 

Controls are a bit hard.

Would love a better intro : )

This is a game well done! I like it : D

Cute graphics, would be nice with some music : )

I like it

Also, the present is a lie!

uæ : S
this is kinda screwed up > .<'

The text on the buttons was hard to read, and I don't know what bgm means in the settings menu.

Text to read was a bit small too.

Love the text dialogs with the bigger sprites.

I also like the weird inexplicable amnesia situation. It's a good way to create mystery and explain why someone would play again and again, that's some smart story telling imo < 3

Art is good. Parallax is nice. Is the snow particle effects? it behaves a bit weird.

I kept clicking outside the game window, which was annoying. I think there is a way to lock the cursor to the game. Perhaps that would be better?

Cool game : )

So fun you could play our game with your dad!
That makes me happy to hear ^_ ^'

Thank you < 3

Thank you : )

It's interesting for sure : ) exploring game design ideas is so much fun! Aw, too bad, must've been a bug we missed. Seems like you had fun though ^_ ^'

Funny, I like it : 3

Yes the wiggles ^_ ^'
Thank you! : )

You're welcome ^_ ^' and thank you

Thank you : )
Yeah, hold button is maybe as far as we can go with such a simplistic control scheme?

Thank you : ) It was so much fun focusing mainly on the art, our team worked very good with @fourlastor coding and me arting.

I have a special fondness for over simplified controls, perhaps they work good with short jams too?

Yes, the gameplay needs some tinkering : ) it is what it is.

Thanks! Right now I'm working on a FPS ala Wolfenstein 3D/Doom. tba

No really, this game is in my top three favourites of this jam. Well done indeed : ) 

Wow, just wow. You made all that? Such a cool game : )

No executable?

Interesting. Looks like a tetris/dr. mario kinda game. I didn't know how to play, a tutorial or some hints would be nice. Very good for only 2.5 days of work! : )

Tank vs Zombies 3D!

Fun to kill stuff, driving around in a 3D world. Really cool game : )

Pretty cool racing game. reminds me of that dukenukem game : )

Super impressive, I don't even know how you would make this : 0

Solid gameplay and narrative.

Putting this together within a week is impressive. Nice level design to go with the art. This is a cool game!

Solid gameplay, wish I could've earned points to place more.

Art is super nice, it looks professional. Maybe the ground is a bit noisy?

This is one of my favourite jam submissions!

Unskippable text is frustrating >.<
Cool concept though. Bit hard for me.

Solid jumping mechanic. Really liked the art on the zombie guys too!

Reminiscent of the old game "Bang! Bang!" that I played as a kid.

Kinda kewl : )

I still don't know how to make bread.

Kinda cool with the desktop in the background, made it feel 'homly'.

Funny intro : ) love the art and cover image. GUI is guchi. Lots of potential here.

Interesting take on a timing mechanic. This is the best hyper casual game I've seen. 

Soothing atmosphere and good simple art that works perfectly. Well done : 0

Absolutely brilliant!
(fuck riksen)

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That's a pity : |
Here is a video showing the real gameplay! : )

Interesting, suppose that needs some tutorial.
You just spam the space bar, love < 3