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I hope you all take care and thanks for your hard work.

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I absolutely love your writing and would be very sorry, if you stopped doing games. 

There's a link I came across a whileback about maketing on Kickstarter that could help you a bit

Social media is really  important, but tagging is even more so.

If you start a twitter, vnlink and some others tags like wipwednesday or screenshotsaturday might be useful. Or ren'py for the engine.

Or just visulanovel and otome tags.

And I find pictures draw my eye easier than just text.  Just a thought.

Some devs make a tumblr to post updates or answer questions, like what are the favourite ice cream flavours of the romances options or lore tidbits. 

I know that always keeps my interest alive when the game development takes a while and there no current updates. 

Also, tumble searches use only the first five tags I've hear, soemthing to keep in mind.

Good luck.

Ps I hope that doesn't all sound rude, I'm not trying to be. I'd really like you to share your games with a lot more people and those are things I've noticed about my own browsing.

If anything's not clear, I have an awful cold and am not my best currently.

This game is so pretty and fun and absolutely the only platformer I have ever finished. Thanks for this.