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This game is very good! Had a lot of fun playing it, thanks for taking the time of coding it.

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Amazing game, I like the minimal but very good textures and the philosophy a lot. Also weird but kino to be thrown basically at the end of the story from the beginning.

Thanks for taking the time to code/draw/compose this.

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What the heck? Why would such a stupid feature be even created? I don't want my page to be flooded by third party software that I mostly downloaded  to try. Before buying. I try dozens of games per week so I will have lots of duplicates.

Please add an option to remove claimed software. Quick.

Very nice little game... simple and pretty bug free too! I'm also working on a flame concept.

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Very good demo I loved graphics and music is nice too! I will check for updates on this game! Great job on the particle effects, they're amazing.

Keep up the good work it will be great!

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Hi, I stumbled again on this game after some times, I wanted to ask if you did program the 2.5D engine or if it's included in the Defold package. I love this type of camera / depth effects and I would like to learn if possible.

Many compliments again!

>>no xe/xem pronouns

Are you kidding aren't you?

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There are a lot of bugs but seems promising! Keep working on it I like the concept ;)

Ridiculous marxist propaganda.

Cool game! I really like the songs!

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Wooooo this game is soo pissing me off I got punched 4 times in the first 5 minutes of it hahaha but it's great anyway!

Etsuji is making me die of laughter xD

Keep working on it!

Wow i love the art and the 3D effect of this game!

And plus I was amazed to see you used the steamwreck font for your game, since i'm making a game with that font too!