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You might enjoy Brandon James Greer on youtube. He posts timelapses of his pixel art and explains useful broad concepts and tips.

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Yes you can draw sprites using multiple lines. For example you can draw a wireframe of a cube if you wish or create a character using lines. The goal is to draw the sprites using the line function, if you use sprite/texture drawing functions please indicate in your submission.

You may draw singular pixels using the line function, but using those singular pixels to reconstruct entire primitives is outside the spirit of the jam. So for example, using single pixels to create stars is okay, but using single pixels to create an entire filled ellipse is not so much. I would say this rule is subjective though, so it will not be strictly enforced.

Maybe next jam will be about using only a "pix" function!

This game looks awesome. Is it possible to upload a web build?

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This game is so adorable and fun to play. The bunny is very cute and the music fits very well. If you wish to keep working on this game, I would recommend including a background image and maybe some additional static assets (like the four leaf clover) throughout.

This remains a mystery even to me.

This game is extremely fun and challenging. The physics are awesome :)

Thanks! Each side takes turns shooting 10 times.

Si. Yo creo es posible! Solo necesita crear un modelo 3D y exportarlo al formato correcto.

twitter: @deathstallion

I'm sorry to hear that, what would you say is the hardest part?

Nice gameplay

Love love love the artwork. Currently playing w/out sound, but it'd be cool if there was an indication how much peeking is left

Nice one!


I love this so much

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This looks awesome

wish there was a mac version :(

Hi! Great that you’re doing this. I advise don’t jump into OS right away. The next best step for you is to write it as a Desktop Window Manager. That’s the way to make it “real” allowing the user to interact with your UI and dock with their own programs and actual filesystem. Then if you still wish to continue to write the full OS, a component is already done.

Best of luck

"Hold my drink/beer"

I second penguins