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Sorry, had comments disabled by accident! Feedback is welcome!

Orogenesis is a game about exploration. Explore a massive tiled map similar to classic games like The Legend of Zelda! With fun turn-based combat accompanied by awesome and satisfying animations, you will explore the world completing it's manydungeons and filthy sidequests!

You can follow my next project here:

Haha! Thank you so much! It's just me and Monplaisir who made the tunes~

I've already got a similar project in the works. Soulscape is also good but no where near as good as Mothlight, but if you're interested in a similar game you should play that too.

There will be more, new project already in early stages :>

Wow holy crap, saying it's as good as undertale makes my heart skip! It's just me here, yeah, and Monplaisir who made the music :3 And no, it's not your fault that was a very poor design choice on my part. Sorry about that. Thank you so much for playing!


Hey silly cat what's up? Lilly did not kill Enzo, they both returned to the surface world above. Mothlight 2 may or may not happen, Idk, I will be making another game soon which has no relation to Mothlight other than it's on another planet in the same universe. All of my games and projects will be set in the same world! Soulscape too ;) Enzo and Lilly's story will most likely continue in a content update or Comic, but their time is not over and the Old Ones are still a huge threat. Expect more from them.

Thanks so much! Glad it worked out :D

Hey, that's a bizarre issue. What's going on exactly because no one else has experianced that issue? I'd keep your save file and try and put it here:   Maybe download this version? Not sure.

Thank you so much man, really warms my cold ass heart. Love ya!