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Cool idea! I really bonded with the small ships, sacrificing themselves for the greater good. 
Personally - I couldn't find the last energy point, which was a little frustrating... Maybe solve this through sound or a minimap?

Neat idea and amazing visuals + sfx!
Just wished there was more feedback when a penguin gets too cold... I always overlooked them :/

Linux and Mac Build out now :)

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As we don't have access to Linux and MacOSX Devices it would be AMAZING if some people could give us feedback on those!
Flaggit is an artgame in which your problem solving skills are tested while also providing you with an immersive experience:

thanks man!

Flaggit is a small Artgame in which you explore a combination of 2D and 3D worlds.

Good idea, and controls. personally i found it to hard.

very cool and pretty game. Eventhough applying force didn't work and I had to spam very much.

Best game. very cool idea!

beautiful game! But only displaying mistakes and not progress is frustrating...

Very cool mechanics. The balancing wasn't quite right tho