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Loved it, big fan of the cinematic approaches and influence from that genre of movie.

Maybe a shot in the dark, but was the Canadian sci-fi horror "Beyond the Black Rainbow" a big influence at all too? I'm seeing a lot of parallels and even Arboreta Games is sounding like it was inspired by the movie's fictional Arboria Institute. A fantastic movie to draw inspiration from to be sure 👍👍👍

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Played on Steam; revisited on Steam when the Concept Art content expansion dropped.

Loooong looooong time fan of SFB, since I think "The Decline of Video Gaming" flash series on Newgrounds and fan of the Grimoire games in general, both Web-Based and Commercial.

Blasted through Tangle Tower with my girlfriend and we enjoyed every moment. Unique Puzzles, well designed visualisation of all deductive methods, gorgeous backgrounds/vistas and the character design is all AAA tier, as are the voices.

Suffice to say, SFBGames are still climbing in quality, from their Flash days all the way to their sleeper hits like Snipperclips on the Nintendo Switch & Tangle Tower. If there's still a decline in video gaming, it's nowhere to be seen here.


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For a first Demo of your first platformer, this is a very promising build!

Controls are solid, I experienced no bugs or errors and never once did I feel like I wasn't entirely in control of the main character. 

Graphics are charming and consistent and the level design is more than varied enough for a short demo such as this one.

Music is neat and perfectly fits the 8bit vibes you're aiming for.

If I could suggest anything to add or work on for a new version if you work on it; possibly a brief set of instructions for player controls. Maybe a timer also, so the player has even an easy challenge to face when playing.

Best of luck with your future development!