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Thank you so much for taking the time to play the game and review it!

Thanks! I definitely wrote it with replaying/rereading in mind!

I don't want to spoil anything, but all the tattoos are common among a particular group of people, so yeah, the popup always happens.

The game still works. To get started, you click the "Back to Work" link on the opening screen.

Creepy and nostalgic at the same time!

Super creepy and super fun. I can't decide which is more unsettling: the ambiguity of what happen(s/ed) or the lack of control you feel at key moments. I've already played Normal and Difficult, now off to play Easy mode!

One of the games I've played multiple time, because I want to explore every single pathway. And each time, I acutely feel the protagonist's weariness with a world that doesn't work to fit her.

A fully realized world, offered up only in fragments! I really liked the way you played with the way we read, like how The House is centered on the screen but becomes the subject, object, and more of different sentences, depending on the direction. It fits in with your overall use of ambiguous and translated language.

I really appreciate the larger world evoked by the smallest of details in the writing!

Touching and painful story, complemented by evocative illustrations.

A really great work! I found it to be equally meditative and instructive, as if teaching us how to look closer at things and how to pay attention.

Really great work! Your interactive still life is meditative and instructive, as if teaching us how to look closer at things, and how to pay attention.

The meta-"debriefing" is what makes this game particularly memorable.

Clever interface! It took a minute to figure out what was going on, but once it clicked for me, I enjoyed exploring the possibilities the real estate descriptions opened up.

Poetic and surprising!