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oh another one, thank you! 

Glad you were getting into it! I know we didn't get to put in a real proper ramp to teach people how everything works but i'm hoping that people would try a few rounds at least to start getting it

thank you!!

thank you so much! So happy to hear people are actually taking the time to finish everything in the demo gosh. 

The colour swap is hard to spot for sure. Most of the title screen is us smashing too much info into one screen tbh. In the real game we would have a TOTALLY different flow to hopefully deal with how much you're just kind of tossed into the thick of it and need to figure out things on your own. 

(for what it's worth we randomize what colour you are when you start up the game)

And oh! That's a good catch in that cave level. We have totally different rules there so the veggie animation on the last match probably doesn't fit that criteria and won't trigger (but WILL count)

Thank you so much!! <3

thank you so much!! Really happy that you unlocked everything. i was hoping that would happen! <3

Hello all!

We have just launched the beta of our game, Princess Farmer. It's a fun puzzle game with a retro colour palette and pixel art. Harvest veggies and unlock cute animals! The beta is free and the full game will be released later with more content and a map world to explore. Please enjoy!

Princess Farmer Beta

gosh thank you! I thought i had that toggled but it got lost and I really wanted to get this downloaded in my itch app. Hopefully working now!