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I greatly enjoyed the game. But there is one problem: It ended.

Not gonna lie, I'm looking forward to see more of this. I hope you got an endless mode. Not to mention, the option to get the dismissed characters back(maybe some of them) or at least, unlock the expansion of rooms.

Well, that is quite an adventure. It is nicely written, I am looking forward for the next update.

I was trying to give this game try, but is disappointed when the game  won't work in my spec. Initially, i thought its  a potato friendly game but , well, let's just say the  graphics  on an HD4400 was a mess.

I  thought those graphics mess was because the character is shitfaced drunk at the time. So I skipped the level and faced the same graphical problem. Really, I can't even properly  interface with the inventory menu as  a result.  

When I skipped  the level on the Apartments,  I  somehow glitched by clipping through the ground.

BTW, I  was using the  STeam's Demo version. I wish  you can fix this, and, hopefully, make it potato friendly. Because I would love to play a game that encourages thinking while taking in  some of the recent innovations in gaming.

I find the AI to be forgiving. I look forward for adjustable AI, at least by diffiiculty. As well as being able to pick a faction. 

For AI, I think they should have some delay when picking production. Like literally a second. They are quick to swarm me. Also, the camera pan should be supported by WASD key.

Still, I like the concept. Its like playing a streamlined Company of Heroes, where they can focus on capturing points and rallying forces. I wish I can build defenses though.

It's been some time since I played Stealth games. I find it enjoyable despite being short. The lack of hiding places really tense me up. That said, you got some problem in your work in the form of bad pathfinding. Like, Angelton and a female office worker that frequent the break room ended up clogging the entrance to the break room like its Suez. You might want to fix that.

Controls are a bit clunky, then again this is early version, but I hope you greatly improve this soon as well as features that would allow us players to have something to play with and not testing ground/proof of concepts.

Though, I really wish you allow it to be friendly at various resolutions. Not everyone can use 1080p monitors.

A bit too unforgiving. The cover is practically useless. Not to mention the pathfinding needs improvement forcing me to babysit their navigation when I can focus on something else.

I find the game challenging but the pathfinding needs works. I got several of my momentum ruined because the troops are marching back and forth ending up getting slaughtered.

Despite the simplicity, the game managed to give me tension. I hope you can expand on this further!

I see, thanks!^^

Does it end at the bridge? Or the game is not working properly?

Regarding the recent update, is there new addition to the storyline?

It was a good game. Although, it feels like it can use some new feature. For one, I think the housing can be upgraded. Maybe with options with emphasis on comfort, housing spaces, or culture. Other buildings too, could use some upgrades.

Another problem is, does the tutorial ends when the research and leisure center got introduced? It wasn't clear if tutorial is finished or not. I wish this get rectified.

One thing I would like to suggest to add is social options. For one, the ability to introduce birth control aside from nightclubs should be introduced. Like, be able to to reduce birth rate because the people in my last run was breeding like rabbits forcing me to let some of them die.

Overall, it was a good simple game but it could use some new features to make it more fun.

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It's a great game, I wish there is no time limit though. Another is that some of the UI. I wish I can hover on some icon to recall what those resource icons again. Also, I wish that the industry of each planet, at least, for a hefty price.

I wish I can explore more of the tech, but the 25 years makes it impossible for me.

Another is the option to zoom in and out just to plan easier.

Looking to see more updates ^^

Resolution was too big for my 1366x768 monitor. Is there a way for me to adjust this?

I enjoyed the play through! The simplicity is great and I am able to grasp the concept with ease. The entire game made me feel like playing a story-driven Total War game. Although, part of me wanted to skip a turn just so I can collect money to build my army.

That said, enemies leveling up easily while leaving yours behind is kind of a bummer, good thing I have a pair of hero units to compensate but I still ended up replacing my forces in several battles.

Looking forward to see more of the game! ^^

Kewl simple fun game that kept me on my toes. Great job!

I see, thanks for the info! ^^

Hi! I would like to test out your game but I do not know if my i5 4200U with Intel HD Graphics can even run this. May I ask what is the minimum system requirement?

I wanted to try this, but I need to know if my potato computer can ran this. What is the minimum system requirements?

I made several playthroughs. I admit, the difficulty curve is so sudden, maybe have an adjustable difficulty perhaps? The upgrades are too limited that after a certain point, its only a matter of time until you get overwhelmed. I suggest that you expand it too. Also, I suggest a pause menu too.

if your CPU has integrated graphics, you can still play it. I play this game in my i5-4200U with no dedicated GPU at all. You just have to play at lower settings though.

Quit because of faulty UI. I can't leave some dialogue and then continue playing it. That said, I enjoyed the concept. You need to fix some UI though. 

A few suggestion from what my recent playthrough:

-TIme passes too fast. Its ok for normal gameplay, but on management time it gets frustating. At least make time passes so slow when in this mode.

-Resource icons glitches out, now I dunno if I ran out of resources or not. Even the PP points was gone. Please fix.

-A logbook, that way, I would know where the hell some of my egghead went. One of my egghead apparently, turned into cowboy, Then some of former farmers and labours into merchant. The events is easily missed so a logbook would be great.

Got it. Thanks!

I managed to get past the plant and thee prison after that. I'm stuck at the janitor too. Comment section mentions some androgynous one named Snow. How do I saved him?

BTW, Im using a 32 bit version.

FOr medics to do their thing, go to soldiers window(helmet icon), and make sure that the Medic Skill is selected.

AWWW, shotgun got nerfed. Well, at least it can make shotgunning unreliable. People I armed with shotguns is hard to predict when the hell are they going to shoot. At least, they keep up with awesome damage and lack of respect for people with cover. Unfortunately, its a double edge sword as I managed to count two people with trench guns used against my team in Imon Mine.

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I played v0.6.0

It was nice

Granted it took me nearly 60 in-game days, coz aside from farming for that Scottish Loli, I was hoping I can find sweet new weapons. All I get is the early Czech semi-auto rifle,  Trench Gun(which is a boon, lol), and another Korelev-Hesta whatever the name of Not!Mosin. Still I ran to some issue.

  • Attack ground with a tank still has issue. Although I find the trick to it is make sure they are not locked onto anything, sometimes, they took ages to fire, making the tank an unreliable asset aside from serving as mobile cover. Often times, I have it crewed by two, and have the driver to dismount and take cover once on good position.
  • There is a problem with Trench gun, like, they are unpredictable when the hell will they shoot. Though I haven't played the 6.2 patch, a shame they got nerfed. Trenchgun sniping was kewl and pays no respect on people on cover, lol. Especialy when on lvl3 where it doesn't pay heed to its range and just shoots people outside of range as long as LOS is there.
  • Loading some mission has problems. Sometimes, they took ages, sometimes, I am forced to restart. You might want to look into that.
  • The story is a good ride, although, early on, I am frustrated by the blood level mechanic, making early game difficult as I cannot easily treat injuries. Speaking of which, a shame FAKs is only good for revive and not treating injuries in the midst of battle or travelling. Could ease the pressure instead of relying on blood transfusion, and gambling with extra ration hoping they recovered enough and not get into a fight.
  • I hope some mechanics is available while on settlement, like be able to use blood transfusion, and potentially, repair tanks.
  • Another problem is the shops are not regenerating wares. Make it come up after a set amount of time, new items to sell. It gets difficult when you can;t find a place to buy rations, ammo and other essentials. Worse, the enemy doesn't bring drops anymore.
  • Can we now get a means to expand Squad inventory in the next update?
  • Another problem is when loading a save, camp equipment goes *POOF*. Like, where the hell is my practice target? My campfire? And the transfusion bed? I lost them several times because of that.
  • For story missions, can you add some checkpoints? The hold the line mission at the Refugee camp and Imon Mine can be frustating. Granted I find my way around the last one, having to repeat all over is frustating.
  • The lean mechanic is kewl. PRoblem is its hard to determine if they will lean over until they are there. Perhaps, a UI that will show that the character will lean at that wall? Its hard to notice even if it will shos LOS while still in cover, or that the coveraged UI showing it.
  • FOr some obstacles, like walls, fences and low covers, perhaps some can be jumped over? It's hard to flank or move if they were like that.

Overall, the initial story is a good ride, and I look toward to see more! ^^


I almost forgot, there are other issues:

  • UI problems, sometimes on Inventory, some of parts of the avatar picture goes missing.
  • Another problem with UI is they are not resolution friendly. Try to use Unity's Canvas Scaler for that. It simplifies UI layout and coding.

I played the game. I finished the mine in about 3-4 hours. I enjoyed it! The pause-in-real-time system, allows me to plan in the middle of the chaos. It allowed me to switch targets allowing me to survive in the fast-chaotic pace of a firefight. It has nice potential.

I got several problems with the game though:

  1. During the first phase of battle, sometimes, the squad members can accept move orders, sometimes, only the mount up the tank order is the only one heeded.
  2. Another is several frustrating elements of the firefights, perhaps, the troops could lean from cover, allowing them to shoot from tall cover, or trees.
  3. Speaking of which, I wish I have the option to go prone to compensate when engaging from areas that lack cover. And bonus to be hard to be hit as a result.
  4. When accessing interfaces in the middle of combat. I can't click 'Exit Vehicle' without panning the camera. Perhaps, you should adjust the float value on the left on when to start the pan, or add an if condition to not pan yet when hovering over character UI. I think could be called inside camera panning conditions and manually check if it overlaps a UI using Rect's intersect.
  5.  When fighting in the mines, god, the troops are getting unresponsive.
  6.  One problem I have is the problem of recruiting people, so far, I got Katya, a girl with Mosin Nagant, another with a Trench gun. That three, I never got those other characters.
  7. I don't if its my luck or something, but every travel I got rarely result with no hostile encounter. Perhaps, make it a little bit predictable. Maybe when on town, collect rumours or maybe on travel, about hostile activities aside from the pursuers.
  8. Something I should point out in the art, but the 3D models of the ladies seems...too small. Like, a significant difference compared to the male soldiers. They look too chibby as a result.
  9. Also, when I finished the mines, there seems to be no prompt if I finished something. Only that the adventure continues.
  10. Before I forgot, perhaps the buildings become climbable.

Aside from that, I enjoyed the game. Hoping to see more from this game!

Its a great game. I am yet to master it, but the game is intuitive enough that I learn the basic fast. Granted, I have experience with City Builder with a serious majority of it on Banished.

btw, how do I change the building tiers? I'm stuck at Tier 1.