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I tried it and it simply isn't opening. Nothing is loading and i tried sudo, i tried administrator, everything. I found an alternative though. Thanks

Even installing it through the app, it is still claiming to be broken. Another solution is a different installation, Called MacPorts.

This worked instantly for me


it says that the file is broken and cannot be opened

Overall nice game. The youtuber-style intro really killed my ears, and I had no real way to turn it down. I can tell a good amount of work was put in, and it has potential. Some (hopefully less obnoxious) music could be in the level to keep you entertained, and maybe a warning system so you know where the obstacles are coming from. Nevertheless, im sure these will be fixed with time. Great game :)

Overall solid game. it would be better if i had some sort of display that will tell me the keybinds, my current health, and/or a guide as to how to play the game. The songs are really nice and catchy, i would listen to it on youtube if possible. Some sound effects are very very loud, so a settings menu would be great (or just turn down the footsteps sfx)

Again, i can see that a lot of work has been put in, and im impressed. Great job!

good game

epic! not only did it find a way to crash my computer and make my CPU overheat, the webGL failed before i could stop my ears from bleeding!

i cant run the game,, I try to open the play file but it just says loading and nothing else


Super cool! love it :) 

itll be a while until i finally make a game with it but ill definitely use these 

Honestly  a great asset pack! Worth every penny

An overall very good and simple game, congrats again on making a game that has somehow made me lose a good 30 minutes of my time hyper fixating on. 


Honestly,  what can I say. In limelight of the TeamSeas trend and TheOceanCleanup becoming more popular, this game fits right in. I like the simple and straightforward style, and how easily comprehensive it is.

I love how the larger the animals are, the harder it is to avoid trash (wow, game mechanics). I like the attention to detail put in for each element 


I would personally prefer for there to be a smoother aspect to it, along with maybe some smaller levels. (With varying speeds of trash) (I completely understand that is a small, simple game)

I think that for the characters/trash, they should follow a consistent art style, though thats just personal preference. Some simple drag, sprite delay, or anything along those lines that will make you 'feel' the weight of the creature.

Overall, pretty good game, enjoyed a lot, 

until next time, 



i don’t have that many friends ;-; do you think you could add a version where you can fight AI? For a future update ofc

sure thing!! Can’t wait :D

All it says is "There doesnt appear to be anything here.." though this game looks great and I cant wait to play!

Critical Game Review:
Overall, I loved the game. Something small and fast for me to enjoy, occasionally exploring the other options to see the possibilities. It had a good feel to the game, a good replacement to the simple "press next to continue" trope I've felt when playing interactive HTML games. I was touched, and besides a few bugs here and there, it was an amazing game. Keep up the great work!

i just wanna be an irresponsible parent why am i crying

nice game lov meowmeow 

p.s would pay extra money but I'm broke :(

every tim i get to 100000 cash it goes down to 0 what

just because i used autoclikr doesn't mean the program should break,,
what ( great game btw)


Great game!

Great game, would recommend to friends to play