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Thanks so much!

Thanks so much! Both for the comment and for putting the engine and jam together! I definitely feel very influenced by Borges and by, you know, all the people influenced by Borges.


Thank you for playing it!

Thanks so much! I was actually honestly worried that the architecture was TOO ornate and overly difficult to navigate so I'm glad it's breathtaking rather than suffocating, if that makes sense.

Incidentally I ended up making the game because I just got really interested in the question of how to represent staircases with such minimal graphics and such rigid movement constraints... so it's not surprising the architecture stands out. Everything kind of grew from the architecture outward.

Thanks so much!

Thank you!

No these are really interesting thoughts! And very similar to thoughts I've had myself about other mechanics.

Basically a lot of this design has been sort of trying furiously to swim against the whirlpool of typical game design, because like if you treat it like an RPG I think it gets pretty horribly frustrating? There's no way of grinding items, there's no kind of obvious predictable order to when certain things appear... and all that's intentional, but if any mechanic accidentally flips the behavioral switch in everyone's head now that says "I need to grind and hoard and grind some more because that's what you do in games" the whole house of cards kind of...

wait, I've mixed like three metaphors there, haven't I?

Whatever, the point is that like I tried aggressively to avoid gamifying this in the typical ways but part of that involves integrating in some of the useful design space that grindy games can offer while still finding ways to signal, as you suggest, that this is a kind of exception.

Actually, the jump to another screen might be the solution here, since it loops the tapestries in with the mask and the root, taking advantage of those existing mechanics...

I may give that a try! :D

Designing this game has been such an interesting case study in how hard it is to discourage RPG habits without totally hamstringing the design space. Like the tapestry fragments encourage something they're not really MEANT to but I also wouldn't want to lose what they do narratively so ????

You definitely don't have to collect 200 mosaic tiles to get the Super Secret Ending though, haha.

I may just add an autosave feature to a future patch, since so many people seem to be playing this for... well, much longer stretches than I really expected!

Holy crap that's a lot of items! How long have you been playing? o_o

I gotta make writs of passage a little less common... that frequency doesn't really fit the flavor.

Anyway it's not a viscerturgy book problem, turns out, though that was a pretty good guess. It's an "I stupidly forgot to add a line of code to the non-bug-test version of the slime cave card" problem. And yes I'm aware there's some irony in the fact that my bug testing efforts so far have CAUSED all the bugs in the final release version--story-breaking bugs no less. Still, it's kind of heartening to hear that you liked the game so much despite major storylines being unplayable!

I want to fix a few other minor problems before harassing everyone with another bug fix, but an update with a fully playable slime storyline should be out in the next few days. Thanks so much for letting me know this was broken!