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And here's another one


Thanks for letting me know. I'll see if I get around to it sometime in the future. Thanks for sharing your game

Another week and another installment


Sure thing look for it soon :)

Seems like most people on here have game development more as  a hobby or side project and not as their full-time job. If you this is the case for you, what is you full time job and has it influenced your games in any way? Would you like to get into game development full time ? 

In that case I will be hoping and looking forward to that this game get's to see the light of day. Also congrats on the addition to the family :)

Will there be a full release of this one as a complete sequel for the first Neon Code? 

Heres our collection of game that have been featured in the article series The collection will be updated as more game get featured


Can we get more of this or a sequel

Here are some of the entries from earlier

Hi, thanks for the tip, will make sure to showcase it in the future

Hi there!

My name is Callum and I run the gaming site Here I run a weekly article series where I scan for interesting games and make a short review of them. Here are some of the games that we've recommended at the site and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Our main goal of this series is to promote and highlight games that we think should be noticed more than they have. Sometimes however we just have a running theme and pick the games that fit more into that theme that we are running.

If you've got a game for us that you would like for us to showcase, please don't hesitate to contact us. However, we are not interested in games that are in a prototype state.


The Autumn People community · Created a new topic Need more

This was awesome and I really hope you decide to expand upon this. If you do and ever make anything more of it please let me know. I also featured it in my weekly indie column

does this one have a good ending ?