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Thanks ❤️ I'll see if I can get one

Can it be shipped to Europe? Or it's only to the US?


I love the concept and the mechanics are great. The story of each character makes them feel more real. Even though they are just card that you "discard" every 3 turns, you end up wondering if you miss something of their development sacrificing them.

There are 2 thing I want to point out:

-Not sure if its on purpose or not, but I barely needed the especial abilities of the characters. Once you understand the main mechanic, you can just mix cards together, so they compesate each other and both end up on 10/10/10 more or less. Maybe if there were abilities that required lower stats than 10 to lower other's stats and increase their own stats would help to use more often this skills. Or decreasing the requirements for using them. 

-I'm not sure if it's because it's a beta or because I missed something, but I didn't really understand the ending. I was loving the player's development and how the town changed with them throught each season, but once you reach the end... I feels like something is off. It's like the story through the game and the ending were two different things instead of complementing each other. In fact, it's like you were supose to lose on purpose.

Don't get me wrong, I really liked the game and I'm looking foward to play it once it's finish. I just wanted to let you know what I saw so you can make even a better game. Keep it up!

I can't enter to the server. Every time I try it says the server it's down. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong.

I actually feel great after finishing my first route. I'm a huge fan of games like "The Stanley Parable" where the game plays with your emotions and "your decisions don't matter" and I it gave me similar vibes. I'm looking forward to play more of your games and I hope more people can see the potential I see on your work :D

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The smiley face is cute :D I'm looking foward to see more of the game.

I noticed that the actor and the face collide before they touch each other. Not sure if you did it on porpuse, but just in case you didn't notice.

I found the game yesterday looking for something to do and at first I thought I wouldn't finish it. But wow! I really liked it. The story, the characters, the scene drawings, even the music. Just incredible <3

I really appreciate the pronoun selection, since I'm non binary.

The only thing I would love is that someone could give voice to the characters, even if is just for a couple of scenes, it would be awesome.

Keep on this track and it will be a great game.

Greetings from Spain :P