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Awh thank you! 

Thank you

It was hard to book him to narrate my game. But I called in a favour ;) haha 

Yeah I didn't feel like feel like messing with the html file. But I didn't know there was easier ways.

Oh, no I'm not on it! Any chance you can send me a link. 

Awh this story is kinda sad. But beautiful, love it. 

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Haha! Woops you're right. Thanks for pointing that out, and thanks for your kind words! 

Very true :D

Sam is my favourite, for obvious reasons.  

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Oh the ending of this game made me laugh out loud! A lovely take on the make-a-sandwich-em-up platformer. Amazing job! I especially loved the "Game Girl" frame, thought that was a really nice touch. 

Keep it up, you're rocking it! 

P.S. I gushed a little when I saw the words "Butterscotch Shenanijam" I love those guys 

*cough* you can totally do that in this *close cough*

I Just give the impression that you can't continue if you don't have the right materials haha, but you can just Yolo right through the game.  I wanted to do something with condition based room changes but I don't think that's something we can yet do in bitsy?

Damn Bitsy's limiting scope.

I feel like the man crab is a frequently overlooked creature hybrid. Maybe I'll work that into another game! Haha

Cheers for your kind words Emma! 

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You only need the one...

*remembers that I've set up a function wrong*

Shit! I'll get that fixed, but for now you only need the one coconut from the grocer. Coconuts have two halves you see ;)

Thanks for your support! 

Edit: Fixed my spelling of "Grocer"

Thanks for your comments! :3 
The game engine I used is called Bitsy, it's super cool and super easy to learn. It also has a great community of devs! 

You will be able to do this with variables.
In your  dialogue you could have a conditional node on the sprite that want's to trade the ball for the cookie and have 3 conditions that would look something like this: (b for ball - c for cookie. Makes sense right? Though you can use any letters you want)


Now in order to get the cookie in the first place you would need pick up a cookie. So in the dialogue for the cookie you should add {c=c+1} to the end of it so the player actually has a cookie to trade. 

Here's a copy of the game I made for this explanations. Feel free to have a dig.
Here's an in depth tutorial on bitsy variables

Hope this helps! 

Just copy the game data from the notepad back into the "game data" tab under tools. You may need to refresh the page! 
Hope this helps. :D

Interesting! Thanks for the response! 

Andrew Yolland wrote a pretty decent tutorial on how to use variables. It builds a little more onto what sprvrn has said

Fantastic! Great use of the environment! Love the ending also :3 Great work! 

Might have to save the pennies then,  not electronics literate  enough to make it myself :3 Think this would be ace to own!

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So wonderful! What a lovely story, I too have questions about the physics.

Edit: Corrected my awful spelling! 

Can I buy ? :D This is so cute

Dat ending though! hahaha  

Being a Diplomat is hard! 

I love the art work nice job! 

Nice scene! Interested to know how you got a more the 3 colour pallet :D

Amazing!  I really like the use of "pawns". Great little mechanic.

Glad you enjoyed it! 

Amazing :D

Awesome! I had a basic understanding of Bitsy variables but did realise just what could be done with em! Thanks for the tutorial. 

Awesome! Love your use of the engine for climbing. Wonder what those  creatures would have looked like IRL? *insert thinking emoji here * 


This is mint! I look forward to playing this with someone soon. Thankfully though I was able to find myself! 


Thank you, although it wouldn't have been possible without your fantastic tool!

I was filling in the meta data for a game, and I noticed that in the "engine and tools" section that you can "suggest a tool", so devs can accurately mark up what they use.  Have you considered doing this?

Bitsy Game Maker community » Games · Created a new topic Fetch!

Hey guys! just published my first game, which happens to have been made using bitsy. Give it a play, let me know what you think, but you'll love it anyway because it's about dogs. Unless you hate dogs, then get out of here! Or don't, that's cool too.

Was therapeutic to make too. :D Thank you for your words!

Thank you :3

Thank you very much, glad you enjoyed :D