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This was so much fun! I was terrible at guessing who did it but I had so much fun trying. A random thing I enjoyed way too much was the stairs, I loved going down there.

Aww, thanks a lot!

Thank you! 

Thank you so much! 

Hey! Thanks for the heads up. Keep up the great work!

I loved this a lot! Thank you for making such an inspired game.

I love all the names for all the gift options. 

And arcade is always the way to go...

Thank you :')

Thanks a lot! I was really happy to find a version that sounds like game music.

It was chilling and impactful. Great work. 

And thank you for the message at the end.

The struggle never ends...

Definitely spooky!

As I was examining the blood stains on the wall my health started dropping and I knew.  5/5 on spookiness. Would get terrified again.

As someone who did call for Bloody Mary in front of the mirror as a kid, this gave me fun (and disturbing) flashbacks.  The writing was really good and I was immediately sucked into the game. I tried all the endings and one of them was delightfully spooky.

Also, kudos for picking a really spooky looking mirror. I half expected something to really come out of it the entire time.

This was so much fun. And in a satisfying length too!

*spoiler alert*

It was really awkward between me and Emma when Emma said "those are my parents" in the middle of me gleefully shooting at them. Sorry kiddo.

I like the conclusion that comes with after all... It is a comforting thought. 

Best of luck!