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Oh how I wish they were real people whom I could fangirl over.

Another great game! I enjoyed piecing the story together and was curious about where it was all going to lead. The game was challenging enough without frustrating the player. I felt super smart for making some of the connections. :D

Is there a place where I can read the lyrics of the songs? As a non-native speaker, I'd appreciate some kind of menu in the game where I can read the lyrics and audio-files afterwards, to fill in the blanks for the details that I have missed.

Thank you! I’m looking forward to completing the game then. 🌸

Hey! Can anyone tell me if there are snakes in the game? I started it and there was a rattlesnake warning and I can't handle even drawings of snakes, so please let me know!

I loved the beginning though. The music, the atmosphere and the art style, they are all lovely. 

Such a nice demo! I love the black and white, doodle-y style. The interface is so well-designed.

I love the dynamic between the brothers even before seeing the other one and I like the “this one last job” vibes that’s definitely coming.

As someone who’s used to point & click, the keyboard controls didn’t feel intuitive at the beginning but I got used to it.  Still it’d be nice if we can have that option too. 

Looking forward to see more!

I am in love. I adore 70s, 80s music and this game made my little fangirl heart so happy. All the bands felt so real, I felt like I was reading actual interviews and news and notes. I am enamoured with the songs too! I love Casta Nyet's Love Songs the most because it feels so intimate. This whole game feels so intimate. Thank you for this!

P.S. If you think this game is exactly your jam, I recommend reading "Daisy Jones & the Six" by Taylor Jenkins Reid. They compliment each other perfectly with this game.

I recommend making the text size smaller. That fixed the problem for me.

This was so much fun! I was terrible at guessing who did it but I had so much fun trying. A random thing I enjoyed way too much was the stairs, I loved going down there.

Aww, thanks a lot!

Thank you! 

Thank you so much! 

Hey! Thanks for the heads up. Keep up the great work!

I loved this a lot! Thank you for making such an inspired game.

I love all the names for all the gift options. 

And arcade is always the way to go...

Thank you :')

Thanks a lot! I was really happy to find a version that sounds like game music.

It was chilling and impactful. Great work. 

And thank you for the message at the end.

The struggle never ends...

Definitely spooky!

As I was examining the blood stains on the wall my health started dropping and I knew.  5/5 on spookiness. Would get terrified again.

This was so much fun. And in a satisfying length too!

*spoiler alert*

It was really awkward between me and Emma when Emma said "those are my parents" in the middle of me gleefully shooting at them. Sorry kiddo.

I like the conclusion that comes with after all... It is a comforting thought. 

Best of luck!