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David Díaz

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Itch page of the game.

2D platformer with high dificulty inspired by Super ,Meat Boy, Celeste and Hollow Knight. This demo includes  6 levels, in each level you have to collect 4 gems, so this demo and can be finished at 100% in about 40 minutes. Game can be played in english or spanish. 

This game is being developed in Unity, I've been working on it since february 2019 but development was paused for almost a year. 

A very challenging game. Great environment and voice acting. A checkpoint after the easiest levels would be great.

Great demo! You are creating a fun and beautiful game. Can't wait to see some battles. Made a video in spanish.

Nice horror game with amazing graphics and atmosphere. I made a video in spanish.

Great Demo. Game looks amazing and shows some great quality movements and mechanics. Hice un video en español sobre el juego:

Game looks so great! I made a gameplay video in spanish.

I enjoyed your game a lot, camera is not that horrible, art and enviroment are great. I am starting a youtube channel and made a gameplay video. I hope this doesn't bother you. Video is in spanish. 

Simple, Fun and cute! I made a review in spanish.

This game is unique. You did manage to express the darkness that your mind can carry. I enjoyed it a lot and game made me think a lot about myself. Congrats, you did a great job!

Made a review, but is in spanish.

Amazing demo, sorry about the shut down of the studio.