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Born to die

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I have an issue, everytime I press "New Game" it takes me to the kickstarter page! Please help me out here!(Oh nevermind..)

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As soon as I saw this i immediately thought "Hey, I have ADHD, why not play a game about... ADHD?"

I watched the trailer but I haven't played it yet.  It looks cool.

i'd mention other "disorders" that I have but here's 1 instead of all of 'em: Anxiety 

I made....a wolf in sheeps clothing ;)

nice game its adorable <3

I played the game a while ago, and I mean like a couple of months ago.

I deleted Monika in the "Good/True Ending", I re-installed it because I wanted to make a YouTube video of my gameplay.  The second download still was missing Monika... I downloaded it 3x now. This being the 3rd time for the video...

I hope that Monika isn't still deleted...

((*I really wish you could bring back deleted characters.))

Hopefully she'll be in the file... ^.^

This isn't related to the problem (That you're proably over with by now...) but, maybe chill. 

(I randomly replied to this 31d old Comment 'cause I'm downloading it again for a video & saw this comment.. >_>)