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Whoa, cute girl art!


Thank you!!

Hey, I wanna know about the license too :3

for some reason, I can't open Reddit from where I live, so can you explain it here?

thanks, awesome pack

hey, sorry for the late reply, unfortunately, this game version doesn't provide saving yet, because we're currently developing another game and put this game on hold, since this game is an entry to a game jam and we're just low on budget so yeah... T_T

anyway, thanks for playing~


Hiya~~ sadly currently we just make the devs discord server, but I think we'll make a public discord server in the near future... :3

Please stay tune...

ah, and thanks for playing~~

Hiya, thanks~~~

Whoa, thanks~~

Really appreaciate it...

yeah, me too T_T

the next step of the gui part is to make a proper gui each scene...

anyway, thanks for the feedback~~

Whoa, thanks~

Really Appreciate it...

whoa, thanks for playing~~

and thanks for the feedback too~

and yeah, we'll do better after the judgement time of the game jam, so make sure to stay tune~

Another development Log's Up~~~

Check it out~


now the new build is up~

thank you for the patience.

(2 edits)

For those who already download the old first build (immediately start from test map), we prepared a quick patch for that...

Starting Position Fix

replace the data folder in www/data folder in your game folder with the patch folder...

once again sorry for the inconvenience

yeah, sorry for the late reply, we're currently revising everything on this game and will continue to work on this game in the next year...

yeah, that error report come to me in the next hour of submit of the end of the submission session :'>

thanks for your feedback, I do hope you to look forward on to this game next year


Yeah, sorry for the late reply...

we're currently recieve several another same report of it...

and we're sorry for that, but still we want to finish this game in the next year so it could be played in full release...

and about that mayor graph, yeah I somehow misstype the graphic name lol, have to recheck everything before sent it, my precious lesson after this jam <3

anyway, thanks for your feedback~~~