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Twilight Memoria: Sun and MoonView game page

A story of a sweet and sorrow moment.
Submitted by SakuyaMinami โ€” 1 day, 8 hours before the deadline
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  • Score: 8.05 Story : 7 Gameplay: 7 Originality: 8 Presentation: 8 Technical Aspect: 9 Popularity: 10 Plus: - Custom UI - Character portrait and expressions - good combo battle system Bugs - Grammatical errors - unnatural space in dialogue - unnatural place for people nametags(luna mom and dad before meeting Luna for alchemy) - name is overflowed (Merchant Stephani) - infinite gathering - cannot rest Minus - no item name nor description on the guy with the tent (west) - no item sell text on the girl with the tent(east) - no transition or last enemy defeat animation - need button explanation in battle - some events time progression are stopped when it should be progressing - may need accumulated level viewing in alchemy + confirmation button Overall : It's a good and polished alpha game that can be played and enjoyed till the ending of the demo. Though many aspect of the story and goal of this game is still vague. The gameplay aspect is quite original for the current rpgmaker game but many of the in battle system is still hard to understand or plain in case leveled up there is hardly a reward so the skill used is the same one only. some of the feature in game can be abused so please do take a look again in that side. For my own opinion it's a good game that remind me of lost system like legaia, please keep up at making and finishing this game :D

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Already play the game, too bad it;s bugged at the end
I really enjoy the story,  the  character are cute too. I love luna <3  
I also enjoy   the custom battle


thanks, one of the dev here. Can you tell us where the bug is? If it's  transparency bug (You can't see Rucifar but he still moves around) when you're going to the river, we already make a patch for you. You can download the bug patch here


ah yes that part, nice i will try it again later
Do you have dev discord server?
I  had like to tell my  opinion more about ur games 


Hiya~~ sadly currently we just make the devs discord server, but I think we'll make a public discord server in the near future... :3

Please stay tune...

ah, and thanks for playing~~


Very nice one, I love it~


Hiya, thanks~~~


So cool, awesome game ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


Whoa, thanks~~

Really appreaciate it...

(1 edit) (+2)

Well polished, BEST crafting/alchemy system, Fast paced custom battle system,  and beautiful game map.

though many very small graphical fails but still good in term of gameplay..


whoa, thanks for playing~~

and thanks for the feedback too~

and yeah, we'll do better after the judgement time of the game jam, so make sure to stay tune~


especially on battle, i dont like the way showing crafting gui. 


yeah, me too T_T

the next step of the gui part is to make a proper gui each scene...

anyway, thanks for the feedback~~


Cool GUI and good concept enough


Whoa, thanks~

Really Appreciate it...