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Very cool how the game just Click the look and feel of the original FEZ, from the level design, the puzzle down to a little butterfly flying around.

Btw help... i can't find the third anti-cube nor figure it out the FUZ language :(

After opening the file "PixaVoxet Independent 3.1.x86_64", it creates a log.txt file:

**ERROR**: Condition ' !mem ' is true. returned: __null
   At: core/os/memory.cpp:87:alloc_static() - Condition ' !mem ' is true. returned: __null
**ERROR**: Condition ' !mem ' is true. returned: failptr
   At: ./core/os/memory.h:154:memnew_arr_template() - Condition ' !mem ' is true. returned: failptr
OpenGL ES 3.0 Renderer: Mesa DRI Intel(R) Sandybridge Mobile

This is so sad, my computer and many other things do not support OpenGL ES 3.0 ... But the new Godot 3.1 now supports OpenGL ES 2.0 ^^

I hope your guy can make PixaVoxet available to more people with low computers

Make it hapen guy

Cute sad

Beautiful music, beautiful story, beautiful game.

It surprised me when I remembered that this game is free, I felt like I had just experienced a big game from Squareinc or Nintendo ...

But the game still has some cons:

  • Music changes are often too sudden, not seamless.
  • Too many scenes using fade black effect, even in the same room ( Except the first fade black at the opening, It makes the game very mysterious and Immerse me in the game )
  • Only 1 Bug, in the picture I took, the light should not pass through the back wall

( Sorry for the "Acivate Windows" )

Over all Midnight Train is still an amazing game and i love it. I hope all of the problem will be fix. ^^