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That was very interesting ^_^ Your pixel art is great, specially working with the color limitations of a Game Boy.

How was it working within these constrains?

Pretty cool soundtrack, very ps1-scify-dreamlike.

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"sat gay upright in bed" Indeed ^o^

Es muy tierno  *^o^* Aunque la primera vez saque el final malo T-T, voy a seguir jugandolo para sacar los otros finales.

Thank you.

Look what you did Corporate Culture, you made a dad sad. *send conceptual entity of corporations to bed without dessert*

Thank you, I apologize for all the grammar mistakes. Today I uploaded an update with plenty of corrections (I know it's late, but I didn't want to leave it like that). The biggest problem I had was using past vs present tense when describing actions. At the beginning he's clearly talking about the past but when he gets to the end I was never sure how to describe things as they happened. I know it's kind of awkward in some spots because of that. If you have any resourses on writting/story-telling techniques to recommend, I'd be glad to check them out.

Did you do the sprite work? I looks pretty good.

Aww, es muy dulce y triste. No solo por el final, la paleta de colores se siente melancolica.

I'm aware there's some typos. Sorry for that. I'll upload a fixed version soon.

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Yeah, that's true. I got so overzealous I ran out of time to properly proof read the whole thing. I probably should just have given up on the Jam due date and uploaded it when I was sure it was ready. Still, thank you for your feedback.

Really? T.T Gee, I pent like 2 hours copy everything to an online spell checker to make sure. Then again, I had spent all of yesterday working on it. I was pretty burned out. I'll proof read it again and upload an update when I can.

Common sense cat to the rescue. Great music choice too ^_^

Despues de morirme un par de veces pude terminarlo. Me encanto la estetica que usaron para los fondos, tambien me parecio muy copado el diseño de la Madre Superior como jefe final  ^_^