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Sailor Bees

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I know this game came out years ago but I finally got around to playing it LOL
In typical Me fashion I ended up finding all the bugs and struggling 😅

I'm glad you liked it! Delivery bee trying their best ^^

Glad you love it!! Will definitely add a hug option if I ever return to this ^^💌

Thanks! Glad a fellow bee lover enjoyed it :DD

Aw, I'm glad you liked it!! You're very welcome! ^^

Thank you!! And those are great ideas! Definitely will be incorporated into the next version.^^

And haha, I guess the idea is that you died from rejecting the letter since the bee is just trying to do their job 😅

Aw, thank you!! 💌🐝

Bee Love Letter is a silly interactive story that promotes self-care and not taking life too seriously.
You play as yourself, living and chilling in the woods!
Will you find out who wrote you a love letter?

HEY! LOOK AT THIS BEE!!, alternately titled Bee Love Letter, is a Twine interactive story I wrote in a day. It started out as a joke with my best friends, but it bloomed into a story I would love to expand on!

It's a very short demo, at most 5 minutes long (depending on how fast you read and if you go through all the choices).  It's a cute game and may not vibe with everyone, but if you want to take a break from the world for ~5 minutes, you should check it out!

You can play the prototype here! (Keep in mind there may be issues on mobile devices.)

I named him Matt

(The thumbnail is for the 2nd game eheh)

im loving the puns, this game is hecking cute!!

I thought the city cats radiated bisexual vibes for some reason okay, also ignore my uh... 50% effort voice acting

Great game!! 10/10 cute agh

Lol I briefly raised some chickens Chooks

"You're beautiful...waow"

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Love this game!!! So relaxing...when I can finish the level.

You don't need to do this but I keep thinking about it...(Maybe you already added this and I don't know) REORGANIZING BOOKS! Like a book code or moving around the books for like organization. Just an idea :P