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Been playing this game for more than two hours now and I'm not disappointed and quite amazed that this is a freeware release!

I have a couple of points for improving this title:

  • The initial movement acceleration is different between the two control modes (WASD vs Point and Click) the character needs a moment before it starts walking when using WASD making the movement feel clunky.
  • When using WASD there is no interpolation when changing movement direction causing slight issue with controlling the character (attacks missing targets etc..) also it makes the character feel like it can only move in 8 directions.
  • When opening a chest you can spam 'F' and keep the chest looping the animation of opening
  • Settings Menu automatically saves when moving between tabs or exiting, causing any custom configuration to be lost (%Appdata%/Greyfall).
  • Regarding settings, the resolutions are limited to a select preset, the resolutions I play on are not available, so I resort to modifying the settings manually, and if I enter the settings menu after it, i lose the changes made.
  • Almost all texts do not scale well on different resolutions, especially gameplay related texts (skill descriptions, lore, perks etc..)

    Well done, i'll keep playing the game and following any updates you are coming up with.

I'm sorry to hear that, it appears the build you've downloaded is the one from the Itch servers, which is a broken build...
If you still want to try the game, you can download it via the dropbox link provided in the description.
Or better yet, you can wait for a couple more days, I'm working on polishing the game and I intend to release it here for free.
I'm sorry for your inconvenience and hope this reply clarifies things.

Could see this as a "dungeon crawler" or just with elements of procedural generation.
Absolutely love it.

P.S: The web version is "bugged" as the player doesn't take damage at all.