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If you need help let me know.

Discord:   sadripa#1790

The camera is a bit hard to manage, but rest of the game makes a really nice dungeon crawler.

The visual design for a short game jam is really pretty! The DRPG format is also one of my favorites,  even in a simple form so good job.

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Thanks for the comment, I don't know if you read the notice underneath but the version available on itch is not the complete one and is missing animations and other features. We sent directly the full one 2 minutes after the upload was closed but we have to wait until votes are done to update the itch version.

Oh, I'd be interested. On my profile you can see my three game jam in which I did everything visual. I really like pixelart, but I also like to go with anything that fits the project at its best.

If you are interested let me know on discord: sadripa#1790

I am in the Europe time zone.

Hi I am Italian as well. I am focused on 2D graphics and game design. I try to be as flexible as I can with my works. If you want to see some stuff I have two recent game jams in my profile:

My discord is: sadripa#1790

The classic jesus-against-ninjas type situation. Nice!

We really tried lol

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Thanks for the kind words. While I am not a veteran of Game Jams I really tried to go for simple, manageable but effective. Really glad it was well welcomed.