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Loris - Saddy4 - Casagrandi

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Thank you! :)

I hope to play your level soon! :)

Woah! Thank you very much for playing it and doing the video! :)

The best game I could hope for! You did amazing! Thank you! Thank you very much! I don’t even know how to thank you enough! :)

Oh! Thank you for sharing your opinions! They were handy! :)

oh, really? Why do you think it was anticlimatic?


I’m going to try to be a flying puppy in real life, for now! <3

Woah. It’s amazing. You lighten up my day with this wonderful, cute, and dreamy game.

And the cat-dog friend following you!? How di did you do that? It was lovely.

I want to be a flying puppy! <3

PERFECT. It really seems to play the game, and the game boy vibes are wonderful!

My face glued to the screen in the first room and I was in your shoes for all the game. You’re game really brought me to a magical place for some minutes. Thank you for sharing your story!

Well… a wonderful first game! It is amazing! :D

It’s good. I’m speechless. Well played.

It is like a poem. A sad poem about a moment I’m leaving, similar to yours. It will be better. Thank you for sharing your emotion with this beautiful game. I’m glad I had a chance to play it.

Very cool essay! It was wonderful to see jewelry through the eyes of a jewelry maker! :D

Very cool game Gallus. It really makes you feel what insomnia is and how living with insomnia could be.

WOW! Amazing idea! Loved it!

Hey, thank you for playing and for the insight!

Yeah, the idea about the crowbar and the key together is pretty cool. I didn’t think about it!

I agree with you. The key part in a real game needs to be improved gameplay-wise!

Did you find the third ending?

Well, I’m happy you liked the experience. :) Anyway, yes, this is good feedback. I can easily improve the experience to let the player that is going to choose the Red or the Blue pill even when he talks to nobody. :)

Thank you for playing! <3

Very sweet game! I love it! :)

Nice take on the win-win theme! :D

Fun game! :) I really enjoyed it!

If the heart is full of invisible, unimportant people, doesn’t mean we are equal? :) :P

Wonderful game! It’s funny, it’s ironic, and it hits you in the guts.

Nice game! Nice content! And nice artwork! I hope many people will play your game! :)

what a wonderful game. The best and sweetest small step I ever seen.

This game is so poetic. You really gave me the feeling of being a museum, well-done!

I really love your series, Edward! Continue doing them and sharing, please! You give voices to complex and scary feelings that anyone will feel sooner or later during his life. Fortunate people will rarely feel these feelings, some other people will feel them more usually, but they will be less alone if they can play your creation. They will know that they are not the only ones feeling like that!

Very lovely game! Nice story, cool drawing, and a very funny song!

Looooved it! :)

Thank you very much!

If you want to check the third one, reach me in private, and I’ll give a tip! :)

Yeah, I rushed the release to hit the jam deadline. So I only make sure that every finale was reachable. But I already add time to make everything more polished, fortunately. :)

So, for the moment, thank you very much for passing by and play the game and I will be delighted if you will play it again in its “final form! :)

Aaaaw <3

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Nice idea! I loved all the different goblins! :D

Your drawings are wonderful! <3

ahah! Fank you! :heart:

Amazed by these goblins coming out!!!

It is wonderful! I wish I was the one who made it!

Awww. The sweetest goblin ever saw!

Wow! That’s cool! I am happy you like it! :) And you are the second one who told me something similar about the endings’ founding! To be honest, I did not suppose that player behavior, but it is very cool, and I very happy that you enjoyed it anyway! I think this game is made for a player like you, who searches for everything and likes to explore different endings and not obvious ways, so it is significant for me that you like it anyway! :D

For the game, I think that the point is making the player learn some behavior and then change what you thought to him! I don’t know if the same “surreal” atmosphere could work in a long game, but the basic idea behind the design, probably yes. If the game is bigger, the game needs to twist the basic core loop in more different ways, or the game should teach more different mechanics so it can twist more material and play around with the player more. On the other hand, more different finales will definitively work in a more structured game, and I am actually making one for the goblin jam! I hope to finish it by the deadline!

It is a very touching story; thank you for sharing.

Also, you made some wonderful drawings. I loved them!

Nice story!:)