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Aawww :3 Thank you! 

Hey hey, thanks! I am actually working on a game of similar genre, you can check my social media like tw if you want to follow :")

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Yay! :3

Using Unity and Blender

That's inspiring!

there's no limit

Thanks :)

Thanks ^_^

Thank you :3

Thanks :)

Launch it with admin rights, it might help. You saw the best part of it anyway, so...

Lol, more than a year ago it was a free sample on the

You know, I really like your way of thinking. You kinda feel this all

I've made this piece after reading that poem x)

Thank you! ^^

uh, Potatos56, come on, stop complaining. like it was meant to be played in some particular way :D

beautiful, stylish, funny game, reminds me of such giants as Bernband and Wilbler Park

Thanks! ^^

Thanks! That was cute and funny, I really liked your video. And yeah, the story is kind of misleading and crazy just like the author ^^

Sounds quite interesting, though I do not know much about this state. We can talk on FB if you have some ideas :)

Thanks! ^^

I'll work on it lol xD

Beautiful and elegant implementation, and it even has books with cyrillic texts ;) Bravo!

there's no way lol

That's probably because of .blend source file. I hope I've fixed it. Thanks!


I've uploaded a Linux build, my friend. Hopefully it works, because I can't test it.

This is truly beautiful

Thank you! ^_^