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Спасибо за фидбек! Мысли полезные, обязательно учту в новом проекте :)

hey hey, I'm totally fine and I actually keep working on the game. you can follow the development on my social media. I thought the links I provided on my page suffice but it seems they don't :D

so here you have it, my devlogs and stuff:

youTube channel
twitter (Ru/En)
vk community (Ru)
telegram channel (Ru)


Thank you! I'll add it for sure


That's okay, I totally understand

Hey hey, thank you! I am absolutely interested in continuing the development, but right now I'm just getting things together after my military service (looking for a job, kinda building my own team, etc).  So I am sorry for keeping you waiting, but this is life! I'll do my best to make a bigger, better game in the future.

Heyyy thank you! I'm back home!

Скоро! :з

Anonymous420 - Christic Dimension




Thank you so much! 🥰


Спасибочки! Я работал над ШХД: Зима, поэтому немудрено, что напоминает :)

Thank youuuu!

Йоу. Спасибо)

Thanks ✌🏻


please contact support via or email directly to

I don’t quite understand you, regarding the double clip, though I totally agree about the games/interactive experiences/movies thing. I just use the word “game” for simplicity 

btw check my page, all social links are there

sure, twitter @alex_igntv

Sorry for that secret being that brutal, I personally couldn't reach that spot without cheats. Hope it didn't make you mad!!! And thanks for playing <3

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you can rate the game in its page top right corner

thanks <3


Thank you <з

Thanks! 💕 One day for sure

well you could play Routine Feat, check out my profile. It's not exactly the extention, but the moods are quite similar

Займусь этим на днях, если будет время

Thanks! 🥰

Thank you! 💘

Приветики, знаю про такую игру, но, наверно, прямо-таки ею не вдохновлялся. У меня вообще своеобразный путь познания игр — я про Бесконечное лето узнал уже после начала создания Бытового подвига. Как и, например, про Life is Strange узнал после того, как сделал Solitudo — мне указали на сходство комнаты в игре с комнатой главной героини, со всеми этими полароидами на стенах. В любом случае, классные игры, и их вайб мне очень близок. Спасибо что играешь в мои игры и спасибо за добрые слова! <з

It was a very strong and vivid experience, my final exams start tomorrow and all these feelings are more relevant than ever. And all this “these are truly the best days of your life” thing is extremely real, people never get tired of saying that no matter how and what for you study and for how long etc.

Great game, loved it. But the only complaint I guess is that it's quite inobvious which objects can be interacted with the left mouse button and which are not, on the opposite with the big “press e to do smth” hint.

Thank you so much for making it.

Как же я рад, солнышко! Спасибо тебе за добрые слова!

Попробуй этот же способ, но с латинской c в chmod. Я надеюсь, поможет....

возможно потому что chmod у тебя кириллическая c