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can you make an option for a+b being controls for co-op instead of crank

in the save file i see there is a spot for repeating events will we eventually be able to repeat events? 

thank you so much

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I would hate to create more work for you but i feel like this should increase each second you record to tell you how long it is.

No need to be sorry. I really appreciate all the hard work you are putting into this thank you so much 😊

that would be my confusion i was playing without sound 

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i just started  playing the game and was confused because it never shows you grabbing the last peace. it just moves on to the next level. otherwise so far it’s fantastic. i love the graphics. definitely worth

i’m having a problem with lag with the notation version

I've been playing this game for about 2 weeks now and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. the only thing I was confused about is how I do notations. 

oh wow that’s so cool thanks!!

thanks i see now but is there any way to save your current progress if you don’t die?

i really love the concept of this game but Is there any way to check your high score or save?

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version 0.2.4 : the auto open feature really helps a lot.

in version 2.1 when you press the dpad repeatedly the movement of the board is choppy 

if you spam the dpad the dirty parts on the screen don’t get redrawn

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game crashes on startup T^T 

(version 2.2 current as of may 19)

i’m excited to hear about your results.

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an idea that would be helpful would be to have the ability to move things up and down  in the todo list by holding right on the d-pad while cranking the crank

sick it shouldn’t be too hard to replicate the format <3

eventually will you be able to mass add events by editing the save file?

how did you link the game to the NYT version!? that’s soo cool

This game seams really fun. it would be amazing if i could play it on playdate.

i will be sure to buy your game  when it comes out <

out of date?