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I quite enjoyed it.

Could use keyboard controls, playing with a trackpad was definitely not ideal haha.

As Zephye777 already mentioned, the game is very easy - levels were short and bullet patterns easy to dodge.

It was still fun, especially discovering all the different power-ups and summons!

It's pretty cool!

Alas, I failed in my quest, dying to a guy in a room full of snakes right after discovering that I can shoot the yellow thing with shift.

At least I think I died, because I had more health that the screen could fit and the game just said "game over". But the guy's name was different that the evil wizard's mentioned in the starting city. Well, guess I'll never know.

Would play again, but with the movement being abysmally slow paired with the required amount of backtracking is a tad off-putting. 

Nonetheless a decent game, I enjoyed it!

Awesome, thank you!

I love that Frog and want to see more of it

It's a recent problem with app signing. A way to fix it is to run 

xattr -d "Triangle" 

from the terminal. Then it should run fine.

Really cool! Enjoyed it very much, however shortly. :)

Thank you dear. Truly, more sophistication in the features department sounds nice, but far beyond the modest scope of such a silly venture.

It's simple, free and takes 15 minutes to beat. Enjoy. :)

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Remastered version of my old flash game is out, ported to PC with some new content and improvements.
Get it super-cheaply here:
Or ignore the shiny new features and find links to the old, free, flash version here: :)

Oh, I think you got me a bit wrong here. I don't have any problem with having to unzip the archive. It's that - inside the zip file there is an .app file - an os x executable that one should be able to run, just like an .exe file on Windows. But the system says that the .app file is corrupted (like one the screenshot I shared in my first post) and to actually run the game, you have to open the app package contents (which is not a standard thing to do) and find the game executable hidden in a not really obvious place. 

But, dunno, it might just be a problem with my mac so feel free to ignore this if no-one else reports this.

All best!

I'm happy to report that both Windows and Mac version are working now! (although you still have to "unpack" the app file manually as OS X claims that it's damaged)

Your game looks great! Sadly, the shareware mac version looks like this  :(
It's possible to unzip the app file and run the game from the executable that's inside but the game doesn't work past the character creation screen (the Start Game button at the end does nothing at all)

Will try the windows version later in hope that it works as this thing sure looks promising!

Inventive and I adore your graphics! Had ton of fun until I got stuck on the "Don't touch ME" puzzle. :D