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Finally, something that just works! Thank you so much for making this. Easily worth the money. My game had rumble support in 5 minutes.

Chiptone is 80% of why I didn't want Flash phased out. THANK YOU for putting in the work to move it here!

Again, thank you for the detailed and considerate response. Perhaps this is solvable from a graphics design/affordances approach and can avoid almost any engineering costs. I mocked up a version that shows what I'm thinking. Separating the ad with white space and a bar so it is not associated with user's "where do I click?" thinking. Add a redundant but visually dominant Download button with an icon that suggests its purpose. That way even if the user can't or won't read they are less likely to click on the wrong thing even if it is a phishing button. Last, a bit of text explaining the purpose of the ad so it doesn't look like Itch is going the way of Sourceforge, Neopets, or and that this is a limited and mutable feature of the site. Logged in users can retain the old download window, it is perfect as is. Perhaps some version of this would work?

I appreciate you and the invaluable service Itch provides to the indie community. Thank you for your hard work and attention to this.


Thank you for taking this seriously. I understand you aren't personally responsible for whatever Google bubbles up. Knowing that, any way you are able to push back to keep the system safe is all I want (and the main point).

Also, again, any way to "purchase out" of the ad kerfuffle via donation campaign, developer subscription, or minimum percentage split would be good in my book. This does assume that the ads in question are actual ads and not scams, of course.

I 100% agree with this. I want to send 10 year olds who don't read every word and I know they specifically fall prey to these scams. 

Sponsored content and clear ads are great. Please use them as you see fit. I just wanted to make sure itch was scam free.

I would also gladly donate to itch to keep the platform healthy (wikipedia style, etc.)

It's a shame this hasn't been worked on more. It clearly has a lot of promise, but it's just rather empty. I would love to play a full game this way. The ragdoll is such a fun time!

This a beautiful beautiful thing. Really enjoyed how much you put into this. Lots of care evident here.

This was really lovely. I want to agree with other people, this should be a full game--but I don't think it needs to feature creep out of control. I would like to have a few more spells and maybe a dozen enemy types. It really scratches that Rogue itch without requiring high investment on my part because it's so simple.

I had a great time! Great work here.

Exact thing happened to me. Funny how it feels like winning--I definitely threw my arms up in victory.

That's right, you can claim one.

Great little game. I love things like this. The arcade vibe is real and in the best way possible.

I did have some thoughts about the control scheme--I'm not sure I care for the rotation mechanic. It felt very hard to control and that detracted from the experience for me, which is a shame since everything else made me want to stick around longer. I would have preferred true direction arrow keys that suggested the direction the worm should turn. Something a joystick could control, to keep the arcade feel perhaps.

That aside everything is top notch. I would throw so many quarters in a machine that had this on it.

Not sure if my Windows machine has anything non-standard. It's a 64bit Windows 10 gaming desktop. These are the gamepads:

OSX is El Capitan and I use tittiebogle as well (latest version). Wish I could be more specific, as I have my own debugging woes right now and have a hard time getting specifics from people. I can look up things if you know what to ask for, but I can't think of what else I might be able to offer. What development environment do you use to make the game?

Haha I might as well just offer to do them. She's so good at it

Having a blast. I will be coming back to this often. My first impression was that this is a game that really knows its own personality and it isn't afraid to weird things like beatbox through the whole menu. Game feel is fantastic and the local multiplayer is top notch. Cannot believe this is free. Really shouldn't be free.

I am having a gamepad issue--xbox 360 controllers don't appear to work on either Mac or PC at the moment. I am able to use an old Microsoft SideWinder, but 360 controllers are typically more standard so I thought it worth a mention.

Brilliant. Just brilliant. Keep up the amazing work.

My wife and I had a blast playing this. I still haven't won yet.. but having a great time!