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I really love the art, and the concept of a ping pong tournament is really cool.  I did find the game to be really punishing, but other than that, great job!

I really love the art style of the game.  Your take on the theme was also great, although I didn't notice that there were fake notes when playing lol.  Great job!

Really like your take on the theme.  I did find it difficulty to focus on the notes and the gameplay, might be a skill issue though lol.  Nice work!

Wow, can't believe you made this in a week!  Really well polished, love the take on the theme, and the gameplay is really fun.  Nice work! 

To bad you ran out of time.  I really like the idea you came up with.

Nice job!  The game is very polished and I really like your take on the them!

Nice work!  I really like the concept for this game.  Would love to see it explored further if  you continue to work on the game!

Nice job!  I did find the game very difficult though, it doesn't feel like there is enough time to move to and hit the notes in time.  But other than that I found the game very polished and fun!

Nice work, really enjoyed the game!  My only complaint is that I wish there was a little more visual feedback, sometime it can be hard to tell if you got a perfect, a good, or a miss when there are a lot of beats close together.  But other than that nice job!

Really creative take on theme, nice work!

I like how you took the "diver" part of the theme lol.  Nice work!

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Thanks, glad you had fun!

Thanks for the feedback, definitely agree with the points you made.  And feel free to use the game in a video

Thanks for playing.  I'm definitely not 100% happy with the levels at the moment, especially since you can just sit in one spot.  I might spend some time working on this after the jam.  Thanks for the feedback!

Really great concept.  I loved the haggle feature, even though the wheel kept blocking my sales lol.  Nice work :D

Really great game!  First off, the art is amazing, every single sprite is so good.  The gameplay is great, but it felt like the game was running in slow motion.  I did enjoy tossing the minions into the hero lol.  Overall, awesome work :D

Great work!  At first I thought the level/world was a bit empty, but that issue quickly went away lol.  The gameplay is really satisfying and I enjoyed using the power ups.  The art was also really great.  Awesome work :D

Really great job!  I love the fast paced gameplay, art style is also great!  Awesome work :D

Awesome game!  Love the gameplay, especially the radio.  I was a bit surprised to see the car on fire when I first stopped it lol.  Amazing work :D

Wow, really great, especially for only 47 hours.  The game is super fun to play and is really well polished.  Excellent work :D

Nice job!  The gameplay was very easy to pick up and was really fun.  Loved the death sound effect haha.  Great work :D

Great game!  Loved the concept, and art style is spot on.  Awesome job :D

Awesome game!  Great art, great gameplay, great music.  The space bar ability caught be a bit off guard lol.  Nice job :)

Wow, don't have anything negative to say, the art is amazing, and the gameplay is great.  I really enjoyed this one, great work :)

Simple concept but very interesting.  The gameplay could use some more polish, but other than that, great job!

Really amazing game!  The art is fantastic and the gameplay is really fun, I did run into a bug where my card would be under the UI, not 100% sure what caused it but I think it happened when I tried to put my card back into my hand, but not completely sure.  I really enjoyed this one, great job!

Really interesting concept!  I enjoyed learning the different item combinations and uses, nice work!

Love the idea, and the gameplay is really fun.  I don't have anything bad to say, great job!

Great game, gameplay was simple but very fun, and those sound effects were amazing.  Nice work!

The gameplay of grabbing different objects to use them is great, nice work!

Nice job, I like the take on the theme.  Gameplay is fun, I'd love to see some new features added to the game in the future, great work!

Really interesting idea!  I do think I did more damage than the enemies though haha.  I had fun with this one, great job!

Great game!  I love the idea, but the gameplay could use some more polish. But I enjoyed playing as a dog dragging my owner everywhere, nice work!

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Really creative idea!  Gameplay is simple but fun.  Nice work!

This has to be one of the most creative games in the jam.  The fact that you can control the score and that's a part of the puzzle is amazing!  Really great work!

Great job!  The art was amazing, and the gameplay was really fun, even if I was pretty bad at it haha, nice work!

Great game!  Love the concept, don't have anything bad to say, nice work!

Really enjoyed this.  Fun gameplay, great music, don't really have anything bad to say.  Also I was not prepared for that ending haha.  Nice work!

Great job, art is amazing and the gameplay is fun.  I did have some trouble with the controls, as they didn't feel very smooth.  Other than that I don't really have any complaints, nice work :)

Really interesting game!  The concept is very clever and the gameplay is satisfying and fun, not much more to say, great job!