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Sounds very exciting, I've always loved concepts like that from watching Vsauce, like how we would live without a sun or what we might discover out in space :P

I love space horror games! Near the end it was like Toward The Light (a very old horror game) but on the moon! I hope enjoy watching my video :)

Hello! Your game is very well made! I loved the black and white style and how every interactive minigame slowly unravels the story<3 I hope you enjoy my commentary and reactions and the theories I have at the end!

Hello, I made a video of your game, losing my sanity a bit, but still enjpyed it haha would love to see more :P

Yo, i made a video of your game :) Sadly I did not get to the end, but surprisingly, almost every death scared me, so I hope you like those parts! I may continue this in another video, but for now, I hope you enjoy watching, it means a lot <3

Here’s my video, like I promised :) I hope you enjoy it

I just recorded a new Strange Terror video and I did play as Alice :) I will post a link when I have it edited and uploaded tomorrow at 2PM EST

Part 6! This game still terrifies me every time I get into it, but Im dedicated to get all the endings!

I'm glad you enjoyed my video haha that means a lot :) I love different timelines merging together and time travel and all kinds of sci-fi stuff like that! I'm excited for what happens next <3

I very much enjoyed this game, like I was in an episode of Black Mirror myself <3 Watch me get scared!

Part 5 <3 Probably the worst ending haha but I was so dedicated to get it

New scary goodness in Part 4 :)

Part 3, with some actual progress haha

Part 2 <3

I love playing your games, the atmosphere is so good! With the ambience and not being able to see where you're going, it's a very good time! Probably scared me more than "Beyond the Stars" <3

Yes, always :P

Although I was screaming through the whole video, I did enjoy the game haha! I'm guessing my video of your game is the only one that wasn't relaxing :p Keep making sick beats though, can't wait to see more!

Hallo! I had a lot of fun playing your game :P The space physics were probably my favourite part! The gun was very satisfying and the scope was cool! There were also lots of scares too! I hope you like my video <3

Hey! I loved playing your game! It really was Lo-fi and chill, unlike my video because I'm terrible at these games, but I hope you enjoy watching it if you get a chance :) (btw this was before the update haha)

I make up theories so you don't have to!

Thank you very much! I always try to have the best moments so it's not boring haha so I'm happy that you liked it <3 Also, the sound it makes when you hit anything is so funny too! Might try to get to the end in another video :)

Made a video of your game :p I hope you will enjoy it


Hi! I made a video of your game, so I thought I’d share it! I think you’ll like it :p 

Please forgive the laggyness, I made the best out if it <3 Didn't want to throw it away, also you made Strange Terror!

Hello, I have returned!

I'm so glad you got people together to make this, it's so good! I'm a sucker for space and horror, and the art style reminds me of those cube head animations :) I'll be making more videos for the different endings, but for now I hope you like this one <3

Hey, I made a video! I really liked it, and made an ending I hope you like too! :P

I got to the end! just as many scares as the last one :) 

The artwork is gorgeous, and I appreciate you making a unique experience for people going through things like this <3 

I love this game! It's so stressful, intense and scary :p It scared me way too much <3 Here's my video :) 

I absolutely loved playing this! I never knew what was going to happen next, I got so into it! One of the best indie horror games I've played this year <3 Alright, enough smoke up your ass haha I made a video! I hope you like it and stuff

Hilow, I hope you like this video! <3

Hey, remember I played your game back in August! Well I just played your newest version :)