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We originally wanted to have some kinda text at the beginning of each level giving a hint on how to complete the puzzle. The idea was created just so we could tell people they could jump off each other in the second level, but when we tested it with some non devs they figured it out without us telling them, so we decided to leave that out. That was an idea that got scrapped due to time.

I'm glad you enjoyed our game!

Thanks I'm glad you liked it!

We tossed around the idea of having purple platforms early on, but decided against it in the end because of how we wanted the rest of the game to work, that is something we might add in the future if we would keep working on it.

As for the connection to the theme we kinda saw it as the connections between each player and their respective colored platforms, and the fact that you need to use both of them to complete the puzzles as a sort of connection between the two controllable characters.

Thanks! We decided that was gonna be the main mechanic early on and had a lot of time to build off it, there was still some more we wanted to get too but didn't have enough time.

Super cool game, kinda short and only had really one option (unless the other option lead to branching paths) but i like the idea of the story and could definitely see the influence from other games. I'm a huge fan of hollow knight so your art attracted me, and I like the fact that the ending was a direct reference to Nier: Automata.  I'd add more choice options if I would add anything too it, and make make a simple walking animation for the characters. I like the art style and would be interested in what you might be able to do with a character design I have from another game I am working on currently. 

Obligatory check out my game too.

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